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In 1999, our love for coffee inspired us to open a traditional coffee shop in Patra…with a modern twist. Since then, we give coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy a great range of new blends, as well as offering the equipment needed to prepare an excellent quality coffee at home

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Supplying green beans from the best farms in the world, creation of blends, finding the ideal roasting curve, the ritual preparation of beverages, constant checking, measurements, design and set-up of a store, training staff of new and old stores and their continuous support… all are dealt with a scientific way and attention to detail.

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The Training centre, the Laboratory, Processing coffee, are fields that Coffee Island is trying to differentiate itself from the other Coffee on-the-go stores.

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Do you share our passion for excellent coffee and effective customer service?
At Coffee Island we are always ready to offer you a safe working environment, constant training and career opportunities.

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