Can one sip of coffee take you to the other side of the world? If that sip is a Single Estate, then the answer is simple, unequivocal and clear: yes, it can! All you have to do is find yourself on your nearest Coffee Island and go to the Single Estate stand, a tasting map that shows you the way to reach distant jungles, steep mountain peaks, dormant volcanoes and spectacular plains and experience the most fertile coffee lands.

We went… We brought them to you!

This is what happens when you search all over the globe to discover the best coffee crops. You map out the world of specialty coffee for all coffee lovers who want to constantly try something different, something that will excite them. What could be more touching than the unique stories behind the Single Estate coffee varieties which they narrate through their taste profiles?

If you don’t know which part of the world to head towards and which of all the tightvac cans to choose for your daily cup of coffee, think of it the other way around. What’s your favorite coffee? This is the compass that will tell you what type of Single Estate coffee you prefer.


Can’t get a word out before having your morning espresso? Single Estate Ethiopia Guji is for you. At an altitude of 2000m, in the vast jungles of Guji, Ethiopia, grows the most epic, flavourful coffee with aromas of citrus, flowers, caramel and red fruits that will make you love your favourite beverage in a whole new way. This 100% Arabica heirloom speciality is a delicious coffee that you can also enjoy iced filter – for the hot summer days.

Cappuccino or freddo cappuccino

Are you one of those people who love the combination of espresso and velvety frothy milk? Try the Alta Mogiana Coffee from Brazil; it’s so good, it will have you dancing manbo! This latin chocolate and dry-caramel Single Estate with a distinctive body and aroma and enviable flavour comes from the distant and exotic Alta Mogiana in São Paulo, Brazil. The rare and precious beans with a flavourful taste of chocolate, nuts and raisins grow there, at an altitude of 1100m, amidst parrots, palm trees and coffee trees.

Freddo espresso

Are you one of those people who drink freddo espresso in winter and summer and are not afraid of rain, snow and hurricanes? Indonesia Sumatra is a single estate coffee from Indonesia, with a paradisiac profile, grown in the Sumatra Gayo region of Mandheling, Indonesia, at an altitude of 1400m, where floral shirts grow on trees, amidst spider tigers and swift leopards. Sugar-coated, sweet-roasted and strawberry-flavoured, it changes the experience of freddo espresso forever. And if anyone asks: “you drink freddo in winter?” the answer is “it’s not freddo, its Sumatra” (then again, should you prefer it hot, enjoy a flat white Sumatra; guaranteed to warm your spirits).


Coffee lovers who want a big, warm, milky cup have found their favourite coffee. Single Estate Peru Santa Teresa brings out the aromas of cedar, nuts and chocolate that take you to the famous mountain tops of the Cusco region of Peru, at an altitude of 2100m, where there is a range of llamas, rare birds, wild puma and Incas and brings an air of the Andes to your daily habit. But then again, this taste of 100% Specialty Arabica Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, is not common. It will always be a pleasant tasty surprise.

Flat white

Your espresso is mixed with milk in a unique way and fills you with joy. What you need to elevate your experience is Colombia Dulima. The hottest, most aromatic Latin American coffee, with balanced acidity and fruity aromas, grown between tropical forests and sizzling volcanoes at an altitude of 2000m in remote Tolima, is the perfect choice for a flat white that will wow you. It has aromatic and flavourful profiles of hazelnut, grapefruit, milk chocolate and caramel from the rare beans that will take you to the high peaks of Colombia and leave you there to gaze at the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, until the last sip.

You have just found out which type of Single Estate you like and your daily habit is now forever changed. It’s like you found a part of your identity you didn’t know existed. And that will transport you to the other side of the world.

And because this discovery has its own beauty, you can take the My Coffee Identity quiz to find all the answers that will help you find your favourite specialty coffee. Are you ready to take a journey to the world of Single Estate coffee?