The taste of chocolate doesn’t end up to the stomach. It goes straight to the heart. Did you know that? We, on the other hand, not only know that, but we came up with a way to talk straight to your heart with our new chocolate beverages that arrived in all Coffee Island Stores to charm you.

Made with original cocoa beans, handpicked one by one, and indeed in extra dose for a more intense, rich body with velvet texture, our chocolates, in their hot or cold version, are indulging and challenge you to discover all 6, longing – to – taste flavors with more cocoa and natural ingredients for some serious pleasure.

Classic, strawberry, white chocolate, salted caramel, hazelnut or sugar free for guilty free flavor, is the big delightful hug available in the Espresso Bar and the Coffee Shop of your nearest Coffee Island or online at My Coffee Island APP+WEB. The vegan chocolate lovers – not just them actually – will find their own favorite choices (classic chocolate taste, sugar free, strawberry and hazelnut). Combine them with one of our vegan milk and indulge yourself with a unique flavor discovery!

If you want to make this chocofantastic experience even greater, ask to have your favorite chocolate served in the new biscuit cup, Goffretti Cup and combine each delightful sip with a crispy bite.

In case you are a chocolate maker willing to share your chocolate beverage at home with the whole company, try the full series in the super – wow packages, so you can enjoy them whenever you want. How? That’s easy! Add in a coffee pot 230gr of milk, 25g (3 tea spoons) chocolate powder. Heat whilst mixing constantly and serve in a mug.

Either way you choose to enjoy our new chocolate beverages, you will live a one of a kind experience that we create staying loyal to our values. We evolve each day, we turn things upside down, we innovate and always make the difference. Each chocolate at Coffee Island is not simply a beverage made to fill the stomach. It’s a taste that speaks straight to your heart.

Our new chocolate beverages, we craved them, we made them and we brought them to you!