Coffee is an important chapter of everyday life. Coffee Island takes your favourite habit one step further by offering a new experience that is highly enjoyable and beneficial for the environment.

Our edible biscuit-based wafer cups are already available at your nearest Coffee Island shop, ready to be filled with your favourite beverage. Crispy, delicious, vegan and low calorie, these edible Gofretti Cups will become your new obsession! Haven’t you always craved for a cookie that goes with your coffee? A small treat that pairs perfectly with your favourite blend and leaves you with a sense of childlike joy.

Gofretti Beverages combine all your tasty desires in a drinking experience that is available exclusively for takeaway and makes your day. You can choose between a hot flat white, macchiato, cappuccino or an espresso coffee and take a bite with each sip. If you love cold beverages, Gofretti Cups come with two unique, delicious cold beverages: Gofretti fraoulito and Gofretti Chocobellito. Those crispy coffee drinks leave no one indifferent. In fact, they are so waffery-crunchy that there will be no crumb left!

Our new edible biscuit-based cups become a delicious alternative for your drink but they also inspire us to create new offerings that you can enjoy exclusively in Gofretti Cups and you will love from the first sip – or bite!  Gofretti Milky Choco with its rich body, velvety texture and sweet milk chocolate taste is the ultimate burst of indulgence. Gofretti White Mocha is made for those who love the combination of chocolate and coffee, topped with a crunchy biscuit.

Respect to people and the environment is a constant priority for us. This is why our biscuit edible cup is not only the tastiest coffee version but also the most environmentally- friendly, as the packaging is zero waste and not subject to an environmental fee. If you have never eaten a glass, now is the time to try the new, unexpected, original and highly enjoyable taste experience that goes by the name of Gofretti and stays crispy for a full 40 minutes! This is the time it takes for you to drink while eating your beverage.

Stop by your local Coffee Island shop, try your favourite coffee or chocolate in a dessert glass and you can be sure that there will not be a crumb left!