International Coffee Day is the day we look forward to all year long to celebrate our favourite habit. Of course, all coffee lovers know that every day is a special occasion to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a special aromatic profile. October 1, however, gives us another reason to explore the world of coffee through a special taste experience.

Being true coffee explorers, we travel to distant countries, discover plantations in fertile lands and always staying true to our values for a sustainable world, respecting the environment and people, we bring to your cup special varieties that give a unique twist to everyday life. This time we have reached Costa Rica and bring to all Coffee Island and Coffee Island APP+WEB a unique coffee that we offer at no extra charge especially for World Coffee Day. Can you think of a better way to celebrate this day with us? Costa Rica Tarrazú is our very own guest to make International Coffee Day a unique occasion.

The Tarrazú region of Costa Rica is one of the most famous in the country, known for its many and varied coffee profiles. There, the high-altitude soils provide a caramel sweetness and a long-lasting fruity aftertaste that makes a difference, and the different varieties have earned their place in the global market and have won awards for Cup of Excellence competitors. Among the naturally processed coffees grown in that small corner of the planet, we have distinguished the new Single Estate and share with you its unique flavour. 100% Specialty Arabica Caturra & Catuai, with an aromatic and flavour profile of dried apricot, brown sugar and cashews, Costa Rica Tarrazú tells its own story.

In 1967, three brothers, Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo Vindas bought the first hectares of land from a farmer and continued to produce milk and cheese for the 1,500 inhabitants of Palmichal. Two years later, they began growing their first coffee trees on the vast slopes of the Tacuotari mountains, where no one would even dare to think of doing so. The Vindas, convinced that the volcanic soil combined with the smooth, mild and relatively dry climate is ideal for growing coffee, continued to cultivate Caturra and Catuai varieties while protecting the crystal clear rivers and preventing the mountain boundaries from erosion.

Costa Rica is another Single Estate that impresses not only with its flavour, but also with the unique processes that lie behind it. Through the honey processing of the fruits, the peel is removed, but not all of the mucilage (the sticky substance that is found below it), which gives a unique sweetness. This is followed by fermentation and drying for about 18 to 25 days, and the result is a flavour that is reminiscent of caramel.

This is our guest who will make World Coffee Day a special occasion! A coffee with a fragrant and flavourful profile that enchants you, calling you on an exotic journey. You can enjoy it at your nearest Coffee Island or through Coffee Island APP+WEB and with the first sip you will feel like you put on your festive clothes in a way that is suitable for this day!