“When I drink coffee, I think about the history of coffee and the people who have been involved in harvesting and processing coffee. Every sip reminds me of all the hard work and sacrifices that went into making a cup of coffee.” Jhoan Vergara is the producer of Las Flores Farm where the 32nd Microfram Project coffee comes from.

In the Acevedo region of Huila, in far-off Colombia, he and his two brothers carry on the family tradition of coffee farming with a commitment to adopting innovative and sustainable practices. At the foothills of the southern Andean mountain ranges, the warm southerly winds from the Amazon join the cool sea breezes coming off the Caribbean Sea to create an optimal microclimate for coffee farming.

The story of the new Colombia Las Flores begins in 1990, when the Vergara’s parents inherited from their own parents the passion for coffee production. In less than 10 years the farm expanded, while their mother began to research the specialty coffee story. When she passed away, the three sons took over to continue her own exploration of how to grow and extract the precious beans.

Jhoan and his brothers Carlos and Diego have specialized in the sustainable cultivation of the family farm following the tradition of their mother who always believed that the land had much to offer them, provided that they study and delve deeper into the world of coffee. After years of training at a theoretical and practical level around coffee and its processing methods, Jhoan went on to produce more than seven specialty varieties and win awards in international competitions. But what Jhoan has achieved above all, is to combine profitability with sustainable cultivation, which is a requirement for the future of the global economy.

We bring such a story to the rich collection of Microfarm Project coffees by Coffee island. This story highlights our own values and how we remain loyal and consistent to them. We love to explore, to be inspired by people who make a difference and to inspire all coffee lovers to try an unprecedented flavour.

Colombia Las Flores is a 100% Specialty Arabica with fruity acidity and a sweet lingering aftertaste. You can find it at your nearest Coffee Island or on My Coffee Island APP+WEB to enjoy a cup full of mint, pomegranate and red apple aromas. Perfect for espresso or filter coffee thanks to the omni-roasting by Coffee Island roasting experts, the new 32nd Microfarm Project is a rare taste experience that takes you to faraway Colombia.

Through this flavour profile, small farmers from that side of the world connect with the rest of the world and share their own story where tradition and sustainability meet passion for coffee.