The latest rare coffee has just arrived at our Coffee Shop! It’s the 20th Microfarm Project and the third edition of Ethiopia Motherland. From the country that gave birth to coffee to our facilities, Ethiopia Limu brings aromas, flavors, images, and even the local people! Every single sip brings new experiences to life which we, fortunately, are able to taste firsthand. Every sip of Ethiopia Limu leads us into a new world of coffee. 

Every single bean has been collected with care in order to create a unique beverage, that you can enjoy whether it’s prepared by our baristi or whether you’ve made it for yourself at home.

A beautiful landscape photo from Ethiopia.

Its roots…

…are deep in Ethiopia! It comes from the region Limu Kosa, (which lent Limu Ethiopia blend its name,) which is part of the Southwest Jimma Region of Oromiya. 

More precisely according to the location pin on the map, the microfarms of Shimekt Daba, are in the southwest Ethiopia, 440 km from the capital of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian coffee farm.

The environment…

… is ideal! The plantation is under the tree shade of a tropical rainforest with an altitude of 1900-2000 meters, with 2000mm of annual rainfall, and 13-25ο C annual average temperature. The reddish-brown soil is fertile and yields a remarkably delicious coffee.

Ethiopian women collecting coffee beans.

The farmer…

… respects the environment, the local farming traditions, but is also open to developing innovative practices. Our farmer is a true visionary who is forging a new, unique path for the new generation of coffee farm owners and thus forging Ethiopia’s emerging position as the leading exporters of quality organic forest coffee.

Ethiopian women collecting coffee beans.

Ethics are preeminent…

Ethics for us demonstrate an overriding respect for nature, through practices that enhance coffee’s quality without affecting the environment. Coffee is cultivated by in a sustainable way that balances social and economic aspects. Emphasis is given to maintaining soil fertility and conservation through the use of shade, mulching, and by providing crop cover. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used. These ethical policies ecologically sound -they are the reason Ethiopian coffee beans are considered to be among the best in the world.

Ethics for us, mean showing respect for the people who work with coffee-to the people care for our coffee with love and skill. For us, ethics are synonymous with a sense of gratitude towards the people, who guarantee the quality of the coffee we enjoy.  

Ethics here mean that we actively support Direct Trade. We create mutual bonds of trust with the producers in some of the best coffee farms in the world. We believe that every activity we develop, is contributing to the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the countries where we import our coffee.

Coffee Island's Ethiopia Limu Microfarm cup.

And… now your favorite part: Flavor!

Ethiopia Limu is a 100% Specialty Arabica Heirloom coffee, with complex aromas and a unique taste profile! With its dry processing and aromas of cherries, orange blossom, and dark chocolate, it takes you on a journey up to the tropical Ethiopian forests! Intense acidity, medium body, long, and complex aftertaste and high sweetness makes it a balanced, yet special coffee!

A woman enjoying her Coffee Island Ethiopia Limu Microfarm at her balcony.

Don’t forget…

All of our baristi are prepared to make the best Ethiopia Limu beverage just for you, while you can also make your own at home, by getting your coffee beans from our Coffee Shop! Imagine the pride of making your own unique coffee with limited edition beans. That feeling of pride in our coffee makes everything we do worthwhile.