Here at Coffee Island we invest in raw material and this is the reason we come in direct contact with the farms we work with, offering a more complete coffee experience. 

Direct trade, which refers to our direct partnerships, helps us create mutually beneficial relationships with isolated producers and cooperatives in Coffee producing countries that are based on respect and lead to sustainable and long-term deals. We are certain about the methods used in harvesting and processing the coffee that we offer to the Greek market, At the same time we trade expertise that allows us to expand the science of Coffee and offer you a higher quality, specialty coffee that maintains all the characteristics of its origin.


Our attention to detail and quality is made stronger by the transparency of the deals we make, which is of great importance since the number of farmer is becoming larger as more and more of our coffee roasters are opening, the exclusive and immediate partnership gives us the freedom and ability to respond to the demand of quality coffee!


While ensuring a source for quality specialty coffee, through the making of these deals with the farmers themselves in the coffee producing companies we inevitably touch matters related to ensuring working conditions and implementing environmental rules. The human factor remains the most important in getting the best quality coffee, since the people there on the other side of the earth are the people who take great care in making the beans that we will receive. They give great gravity to the viability of the land, the labor force that works on the farm and the local community while at the same time utilizing innovative methods of farming, harvesting and processing the produce so that they can give our roasters the best possible materials to use.


Through our respect for these isolated farmers and cooperatives we have ensured the best quality of coffee, in October of 2014 we created our first MicroFarm Project, that is making a limited quantity of specialty (SCAA 86+) coffee (limited edition) from specific farms all over the world so we can make cold and hot drinks depending on the season, drinks that not only can you enjoy at our espresso bars but also when making them at home.


For every special variety of the MicroFarm Project, Coffee Island gives us information on the farm, the variety, the processing method, the type of bean, its certification, its roasting details and flavor. Up until today, we have travelled to Kenya, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Ethiopia and El Salvador. At our coffee roasters, lovers of coffee can experience, for a limited amount of time, every small variety of our MicroFarm Project from all over the world.

At these farms, with which we make exclusive deals, different methods are used to accomplish the best experience. These lots provide us with 1-30 bags of raw bean. The flavor acquired in these limited quantities are hard to come by again. So, for each time there is something new and interesting, something different that Coffee Island invites you to enjoy.


To ensure the immediate and exclusive availability of quality coffee, we are making deals so that through contracting the farms that produce our specialty coffee we can provide you with the best, which we acquire straight from the source and for which we can vouch for its unique taste! This began with the Exclusive Area Brazil and our cooperation with the Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm in the Alta Mogiana Area in Brazil!