Flowers, homemade breakfast or brunch, a small but meaningful gift, a hug. This is what gives meaning to Mother’s Day; we show our appreciation to the woman who brought us into this world and gives her all to our upbringing.

A mother and child enjoying family moments.

And of course, let’s not forget the moving and touching gift cards that every single child, no matter the age, has made for his mother. She has definitely kept these annual cards, created on A4 paper, and scribbled with “Love you mom” and hearts.

Children painting

Let’s go back to school and take a quiz to find out who invented Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day was created by:

Α) Ann Reeves Jarvis

B) Julia Ward Howe

C) Anna Jarvis 

D) Some women in antiquity

And the right answer is: All of the above!

In Ancient Greece, motherhood was very revered, therefore they honored Rhea, the Mother of Gods.

In the 20th century, Anna Jarvis is considered the mother of Mother’s Day. And, it runs in the family!

Her mother, Ann Jarvis, created Mothers’ Day Work Clubs just before the Civil War, teaching local women how to take care of their children.

Later, in 1869, Jarvis invented Mothers’ Friendship Day, where mothers met during the Civil War with military men, lobbying for peace. Nobody can speak as eloquently as a mother about war casualties. It is they who are left behind without sons and husbands. 

In 1870, the suffragette Julia Ward Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, a call to action that asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. Then, Anna Jarvis inherited the task of creating an official Mother’s Day, which happened in 1905. After gaining financial backing from a Philadelphia businessman named John Wanamaker, she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration in May 1908. Following her numerous campaigns and letters, the day began to be celebrated in different states, when finally, in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially established the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

A mother reading her child's wishes to her on Mother's Day while drinking Coffee Island's instant coffee.

Let’s draw a Mother’s Day map 

Today, this holiday is more love-centered rather than politically oriented. It’s a cozy family day, that honors the woman that gave us life. Different countries have developed their own unique way of celebrating.

In Mexico, El Día de la Madre has its own soundtrack. On May 10, families hire bands to come to perform at their homes. Moms request their favorite songs and are treated to serenades, as well as some delicious tamales and atole, which is a hot drink made of corn and usually… chocolate. We’d love to try it!

Mexican food preparation.

In the UK, they bake the traditional Simnel Cake made with spices, dried fruits and marzipan balls on top. Yummy…

English Simnel Cake.

In the Dominican Republic, they organize festivities with music, food and dance, honoring multiple generations of mothers. In India, apart from the usual holiday, they also celebrate the 10-day long Durga Puja festival, where “Divine Mother” Durga is honored through prayers, food and music. 

Indian festival Durga Puja.

The Polish “Dzień Matki” is celebrated at school where children present their moms with sheets of paper known as “laurki”, decorated with flowers and special messages of love. It is also an official holiday, so shopping is not an option on that day. In Australia, they wear colorful carnations if their mothers are living and white carnations if their mothers are deceased. Last but not least, Thai Mother’s Day is on Thailand’s Queen Sirikit’s birthday and has an altruistic character as children often honor their own mothers by giving alms to monks.

Coffee Island's baristi staff

Like the rest of us, coffee has its own mother…

Ethiopia. This particular “mom” united us and lead us to create our own family. From the farms to our roasteries to our Coffee Shop, mothers who work in the coffee industry help their families. In our family, there’s also a place for mothers who carefully select, every day, the specialty coffee they will make for their loved ones. This is how they offer love and affection to their family each and every morning. 

Family moments with Coffee Island's filter coffee

Coffee is the industry and the passion that unites us. 

We have seen mothers who come running to our coffee shops, looking for a coffee that will boost their energy and others that stroll with their children enjoying a cup of Freddo Espresso with their friends. Mothers that ask which is the best sweet beverage, as their child prefers sweet tastes and mothers who know exactly what they want. Mothers who inspire their children to follow their coffee career and others who want their children to follow their own path. Mothers who are all alone and need support and understanding and others who get all the help they need.

We are proud of all of them, because each one of them struggles and comes through as best as she can. 

Preparing Coffee Island's ibrik coffee


You can make her a cup of coffee, prepare her breakfast, play her favorite song and wake her up with a hug.

Enjoying breakfast with Coffee Island's ibrik coffee.

If she’s away don’t forget about her. Also, we’ re here to make sure this doesn’t happen as you can have her favorite coffee delivered along with a sweet muffin or whatever snack she prefers by ordering online. Videocall her and enjoy your breakfast together. That way it’ll be like you’re together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!