The exuberant nature of Christmas is present in festive desserts and we are inspired by this!

Coffee Island Christmas Bag

Let’s imagine a Christmas scene. A picture a little more adult than the ones we used to make at school to describe "what I like about Christmas". In this composition we would include a decorated tree with all the lights lit up, a cup of hot coffee or a mug of chocolate and a box of holiday desserts, a non-negotiable accompaniment that makes us feel the taste of the days, as deserved. Yes, Christmas has a taste and we at Coffee Island seal it in our Christmas packaging with accompanying treats and bring it to you with all the love this season demands.

Melomakarona (Greek Christmas honey cookies) – a word carrying a festive vibe!

Melomakarona with chocolate.

Could our own, Greek, fantastic, delicious melomakarona be missing? Of course not! If you haven’t experienced your morning – maybe even afternoon – favorite espresso with a melomakarono to accompany it, you’ve missed a big part of the celebration. So, imagine the traditional recipe with pure honey and aromatic spices, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with peanut crunch for a crunchy twist. You will not be able to get enough of our melomakarona in this holiday season. This is the best dessert to treat yourself at home – or at the office, if you prefer – but also the most delicious gift that your loved ones will appreciate.

Stollen – a Christmas delicacy from far away

Coffee Island Cake

Our Christmas smells of world traditions, so this year we chose to create the original Stollen. The brioche of German traditional cuisine is the basis for our own twist that contains fragrant almond paste, orange pieces, raisins and Christmas spices. We present it to you sprinkled with icing sugar to share with your loved ones. This special dessert has its own story, as tradition has it that its bubbles symbolize the humps on the camels that carried the
wise men to see baby Jesus. We bring the unique taste to all coffee lovers; that makes festive holidays even more delicious.

Perfect biscuity Christmas

Coffee Island Biscouits

Since craving for sweets during festivities will always carry childhood memories, we made fragrant butter biscuits with our hands using a tailored recipe that stands out because of sprinkling with almond crunch. This is an all-time classic sweet that has been around for 10 000 years (farmers during the Neolithic Era were cooking a paste with nuts and water on stone) and remains the best treat that goes perfectly with warm coffee during winter Christmas days. In our Yummy Xmas Stories box, you will find 6 buttery cookies to share with your friends while enjoying the festive gatherings at home.

A twist on the Christmas routine

Coffee Island Chocolate

And because everyone deserves to enjoy the flavours of the holidays, we have also catered for those who are fans of snacks to satisfy their everyday cravings. You can discover our holiday version of the confectionary bar on the Coffee Island shelves among snacks. It is made with oats, caramel, and milk chocolate and resembles a miniature gift from Santa. You will continue to enjoy it as merits a limited-edition flavor that encapsulates all the Christmas
spirit in a bright red packaging.
You can find the festive, fantastic, delicious holiday desserts we have prepared at your nearest Coffee Island or on My Coffee Island APP+WEB and enjoy your favorite drink along with the yummiest Christmas stories that make Christmas seem like a child’s painting!