This Christmas we tell our story through the Coffee Island illustrations

This Christmas Coffee Island’s Xmas Illustrations tell an incredible story. One of these stories
that has a festive scent, a taste of specialty coffee and a sweetness of treats that lingers in
the mouth to remind us that these days we can show all our love. We illustrate the
Christmas spirit in our coffee shop and treats corner and we offer this to all the coffee lovers
who enjoy our specialty beverages during this festive season, accompanied by the Christmas
treats we prepare for you.

Helping people in need, respect for the environment and of course the need to spend these
days exchanging gifts and wishes is the inspiration behind this year’s Yummy Xmas Stories.


Children singing christmas songs.


This year the Christmas spirit went to hibernation. There were probably many people who
had stopped believing in Santa Claus and decided to stay on the sidelines. No decorations,
no songs, no lights reminded us that it was Christmas,
until kids took action.

They pestered their parents and together they started to go around the neighborhoods and
sing carols. Starting with their favorite Christmas drink from Coffee Islands and delicious
holiday treats, they got all the festive energy needed to bring back Christmas.

Snowman hugging person.

They made the most amazing snowmen and shared happy photos to remind everyone that
we are having the most wonderful Christmas time.

People pets singing.

They gathered in the neighborhoods, young and old, and so loudly sang all the Christmas
songs they knew, that even those who never believed in Christmas were stirred.

Santa with bicycle delivering gifts.

Some of them even decided to pretend to be Santa Claus, filled their bag with Christmas
treats from Coffee Island, got on their eco-friendly scooters and distributed as many gifts as
they could to everyone in need.

Cat and dog in front of christmas presents.

The smell of sweets, the sound of carols, the meaning of offer brought back the Christmas
spirit. Santa Claus decided to visit all children in the world again this year and everything
happened as it should. The houses were filled with gifts and the love of these days filled
everyone’s hearts. Christmas was saved and that night everyone hugged each other and
once again enjoyed the most beautiful holiday of the year.