Are you making a post-Christmas list? Taking down the Christmas tree? Check. Sharing the rest of the melomakarona with your neighbors? Check. Sending your formal clothes to the cleaners? Check. Counting how many likes your holiday photos have accumulated? Check. Detoxing from all those family meals? Check. (a little late for that, isn’t it?)

The holiday food fest which ranged from endless cookies to second helpings of turkey to glasses of champagne and wine was the highlight of the holidays! Now let’s help you get back to your regular daily life, and bring you back to the proper dietary habits that will help you “purify” your body after all those Christmas” sins”.

Woman drinking Coffee Island's Ginger Blend Tea

The solution is the new Coffee Island Teas

They’re specialty, there’s 5 of them and they’ve arrived at Coffee Island. Rich in aromas, with exceptional taste and unique flavor profiles, our specialty teas are completely plant-based and ready to help you detox!

Incorporate our teas and herbs into your daily routine and make them a favorite habit. Let our blog help you discover which type of tea drinker you are, and learn how to make your favorite tea at home, so you can enjoy it whenever you like.

Tea Press

From tea drinker to…tea maker

The making of a perfect tea, is not merely a matter of properly boiling water and just throwing the tea bag inside. You will need to pay attention to the dosage and how long to allow the tea to steep as well. A perfect cup of tea needs a rounded spoon of Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea or Cinnamon Spicy, while Ginger Blend tea will need 1 ½ spoonful’s of tea. Add 250 ml of boiling water and let it the tea steep for 5 minutes, but not any longer because it will turn bitter.

Do you fancy iced tea? Put 5-7 ice cubes in a tall glass, pour hot tea over the cubes and then stir until the ice cubes melt. In the end, add a single ice cube without any further stirring and… enjoy!

A woman pouring tea in a Coffee Island cup

Your own tea-flavored detox 

Green Tea

The No1 tea with beneficial effects for your body. If you prefer honey or sugar with your tea, this tea has a mild taste, that allows you to play with your own choice of additional ingredients!

English Breakfast Tea

If you prefer to detox, while maintaining a high energy level, a classic selection of one of our black teas will provide you with flavor and an upbeat tempo to your day.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey with a… bergamot flavor, also brings a burst of energy. The classic black tea with its well-known and loved – by tea enthusiasts – mild bitterness, is uplifting and helps digestion!

Coffee Island mugs

Ginger Blend Herbal Tea

Ginger Blend Tea with lemon… enjoy it as you relax in the warmth of your cozy sofa. This tea will ease the digestion of that holiday dinner, as you’re relaxing. What… magic herbal potion is this? This superb blend is made with ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, liquorice, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, chamomile, raspberry leaves, rose petals and pepper. 

Cinnamon Spicy Herbal Tea

Reboot your taste buds with a burst of spice. The aromas of cinnamon roasted dandelion root, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper makes for an explosion of flavors that you’ll always want in your teacup!

A man and a woman holding Coffee Island's reusable cups with tea

Don’t forget…

You will find our new collection of teas and herbs at our Coffee Shops. Enjoy a warm cup of tea either from our espresso bar or you just can make it yourself…at home!