What do a gourmet recipe, a manuscript, a song’s lyrics have in common with learning about specific coffee varieties? Seemingly, nothing. Or perhaps, everything. Because people who are involved in all these creative pursuits are passionate about what they do. They are “obsessed” with quality and exceptional raw materials. They are patient and insistent upon attaining perfection every single time. And above all, they are infected with the germ of creativity.

Ethiopian coffee producer, Sam, hugging Coffee Island staff

The idea that came to life

What led us to create the Microfarm Series was the unique story behind the Ethiopia Motherland coffees. A labor of love that yielded new experiences and led to our discovery of new treasures.

Coffee Island staff at Ethiopia

This is what the trip to Ethiopia meant for us. A trip that left us with unforgettable images as well as the discovery of four limited coffee varieties, each with a distinct flavor. Once we discovered this treasure we felt a sense of urgency to share it with the world. 

Coffee Island staff with Ethiopian coffee producers.

The decision, the meeting, the discussion

Step 1:

We decided to tell the world the true meaning of the Microfarm Project and Ethiopia Motherland.

After several enthusiastic brainstorming sessions with many wonderful ideas, we finally decided that web interviews and storytelling would best transmit our rich experiences with Microfarm and Ethiopia Motherland to a wider audience. 

Cupping procedure at Ethiopia

Our host, of course, is our coffee expert, Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, who, by chatting with his guests, reveals the special importance of Microfarm, and the Ethiopian motherland of coffee, as well as the secrets behind the cultivation of rare coffee varietals and aromas. Our objective? To create the ideal blend of information and fun.

But who would we invite as our guests? We are lucky to host the creative leaders who are innately inspired by their need for discovery and their insistence on quality. 

Our guests are people who have attained the pinnacle of their respective fields by committing passionately to their craft and their spirit of innovation.

Microfarm series, episode 1, Koutsopoulos and Konstantinopoulos.

Step 2:

Meeting our guests. The meeting of two different worlds.

We have chosen our guests among people who have an endless love of their work, who constantly seek to discover and invent new things, and who follow different paths to reach their goals. We looked for creators who love the quality of their raw materials as much as the quality of their own endeavors. With these guests, we chose to film our Microfarm project web series and discuss their creative journeys, as well as the journey of the Microfarm coffee varieties to our Coffee Island shops and grinderies.

Kids playing outside a hut in Ethiopia

Step 3:

A unique story in every discussion

Mug and Ethiopia Damo package on a table.

Our first interview, or rather our first discussion about Ethiopia Damo, was with Master Chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos.

Chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos at Microfarm Series episode 1

We discussed fine cuisine and gastronomy in relation to Ethiopia Damo’s impeccable flavor profile of Jasmine, Peach and Dark Chocolate. It was the wonderful meeting of the two worlds of coffee and haute cuisine. Creativity, quality, flavor, aromas. Two worlds that are different but strongly intertwined, because of the people who share a daily commitment to excellence.

Ethiopian coffee producers

The second discussion featuring Ethiopia Kutigenge, was with our guest, fashion designer, Stelios Koundounaris, the well-known judge of the top TV series, My Style Rocks, hails from Cyprus and is renowned for his strict standards.

Fashion Designer Koudounaris at Microfarm Series, episode 2

Stelios tasted Ethiopia Kutigenge, the 100% specialty Arabica coffee from Ethiopia with a flavor profile of Blueberry, Apricot and Cocoa Beans. The result? You will see it in our second episode.

Koudounaris and Konstantinopoulos discussing at Microfarm Series, episode 2

The third discussion…will remain a secret. The same goes for the fourth until 2 more Microfarm varieties arrive at our coffee shops. Our surprise guests will definitely be dynamic creative leaders. Hint: The next two featured coffees will also originate in Ethiopia.

So, stay tuned!