The beginning of summer is marked differently for everyone. Some welcome this season as soon as they kick the carpets out of their house, others as soon as they put on the first short-sleeved shirt of the year and some with their first swim in the sea. For coffee lovers, however, summer means hearing the ice crack as the cup fills with your favorite espresso. The freddo espresso version that you drink every day is the confirmation that summer is here!

At Coffee Island we know that the coffee you prefer says a lot about who you are and this is also true when it comes to freddo espresso that comes in different versions (all from the well-known coffee family) with special characteristics and a taste that leaves you feeling refreshed! We help you find your ideal type of coffee so that you can savour every sip of summer.

The classic freddo espresso

This is the freddo espresso that you know and trust: frozen, beloved, timeless. It is the morning wake-up that suits you, soft and pleasant. This coffee is the dose of pleasure that will give you the energy to start or continue your day. A refreshing break that lasts as long as you need it to, until you are back on the run. You can choose between a Single Estate or our new Microfarm Project Haile Gebrselassie to bring a flavour and aroma profile that changes the experience of this all-time classic pleasure.


The strong espresso

This is an iced coffee with super powers! This freddo espresso has more punch to its taste, an exciting aroma and rich body in the smallest amount of coffee! From the first sip it draws you into a ristretto pleasure and saves you from the difficult moments of everyday life. That said, this coffee is the freddo superhero waving his cape at the espresso bar of your very own Coffee Island, waiting for you to call him. Once you try this coffee you will know the difference and you will hardly stay away again!


Long espresso

This freddo espresso was created for you who want the company of your favourite coffee for as long as possible. The extra dose makes all the difference in quantity (16oz) and becomes a must for all summer long. The long-lasting is Coffee Island’s offering that keeps you company without sacrificing taste and aroma. Besides, the Single Estate and Microfarm Project options always give you the option to alternate your enjoyment so you never get bored. Summer has begun and it is a big one. And so is your freddo!


Come to your nearest Coffee Island, choose the freddo espresso that is right for you in terms of quantity, intensity and duration, feel the sound of the ice cracking and live the summer with your favourite habit in hand.