One of the most difficult “Goodbyes” is when we have to “say goodbye” to the summer holidays, relaxing on sun loungers, Greece’s beautiful beaches and enjoying cocktails at the beach bar. September means a return to everyday life and routine: work, children, school, tutoring, lessons or exams. So whatever autumn brings with it, it definitely requires energy along with positivity.


Step One: Waking Up

Sounds as difficult as it is? Whether you have to get your kids ready for school or get ready to go to the office, that morning alarm is there to remind you that summer is over and… that your morning coffee is there to make this transition easier.
So turn on your coffee maker and let the aromas of your coffee flood your kitchen. If you’re the more traditional type, turn on your espresso maker and prepare the first coffee of the day, which will give you the energy you need. From specialty capsules to Single Estate 100% Arabica, or even filter coffee, you choose how to start your day. Put some ice in your glass and make your own Iced filter coffee or Freddo Espresso, or whip up some milk to create the foam and within 1 minute you’ll be enjoying a Freddo Cappuccino. Don’t have a machine? No problem, order one and by the time you get dressed, your specialty coffee will be delivered to you.


Step2: Your everyday routine

 Can’t get used to how long you have to study for exams, your return back to the office or how long the queue at the bank is while it’s still warm outside? Treat yourself to an ice-cold drink to lift your mood. It will cool you down and definitely fill you with beautiful emotions. Anything delicious, after all, is known to lift the spirits. A Sorbetto, milkshake or iced chocolate is all you need to fill your day with beautiful flavors resulting in positive vibes. Immediately, the memory of the beach, that sun lounger you relaxed on and that blissful feeling of pure relaxation will come back to life.


Step 3: Exercise

 Fitness, yoga or dance, whatever your hobby is, after throwing all of your good intentions down the drain during the summer months, is like starting all over again from the beginning. So choose a granita tea: ideal for those who watch what they eat, like exercising and can’t resist this frozen beverage.
Our barista’s recommendation: If you’ve just finished your demanding workout, opt for an Exotic Harmony, which offers harmony with 100% green tea and hibiscus extract. If you’re looking to maintain the balance that yoga gives you, do so with our Lime Balance (the intense taste of ginger and lime is balanced by the serenity of the white tea extract). Finally, after a ballet, hip hop or gymnastics class or any other rhythmic hobby, choose a Strawberry Twist, a “dance” of different flavors that combines refreshing strawberry with elderberry, acerola juice, and Rooibos tea extracts.

Don’t forget…

Summer may be just a memory, but our daily lives are made up of all the small details that make the difference. Specialty coffee and unique refreshments are sure to make returning to work or school much more enjoyable.