Microfarm Project: The taste you can rely on

If you want to know everything about coffee, if you want every sip to be a unique journey following in the footsteps of Coffee Island’s “explorers”, then the Microfarm Project, which transforms knowledge into an experiential experience offering you both unique aromas and flavors as well as inner pleasure, is for you.

What does the Microfarm Project mean to us?

Our priority at Coffee Island is to build long-lasting relationships based on trust with the small-scale farmers we work with. These relationships are not only the key to us sharing knowledge and philosophies about the care, cultivation and harvesting of raw coffee beans but ultimately about being able to offer outstanding coffee that is sure to transport our customers on a journey right from the very first sip.

A new series from Ethiopia: the birthplace of coffee. Its name? Ethiopia Motherland.


Travelling to the birthplace of coffee 

Every new limited edition coffee is a unique experience that can’t be compared to anything that precedes it, especially if this experience comes from Ethiopia, the country where it all began. This winter, we’re going to be joined by four Ethiopian Microfarm Project coffees, so that the warmth and aromas of coffee sourced directly from its birthplace can flood our home and our hearts every day. With each one telling a unique story, are you ready to discover the first one?


Ethiopia Damo: The starting point of the discovery 

This journey begins with the Ethiopia Damo Microfarm Project. The first chapter of the Ethiopia Motherland series is rooted in the village of Damo, in the Bensa district in Sidama where this particular coffee is processed: 100% Specialty Arabica and 100% careful care with improved production and processing techniques by local growers.

Their objective? To offer consistently high quality coffees as well as make sure that the unique characteristics of the coffee that they cultivate don’t change in any way by the time it reaches your cup. For them, coffee isn’t just a profession; it’s a philosophy, a way of life. Asides from the dedication they give to each stage of the process, of each stage of the crop, it requires a special ‘attachment’ to nature, respect for the environment, as well as a deep knowledge of the particularity or distinct “behavior” of each variety. They know that every coffee, batch, and even bean is special.

Unique coffee for unique people

Why is this coffee unique? Because it’s 100% Specialty Arabica Heirloom. Because it’s cultivated at an altitude of 1,900 – 2,100 meters, and it’s harvested by local small-scale growers. Because the people who grow it do so with love, because of the wet processing and medium roasting techniques that are used. And finally, because it has a one-of-a-kind unique Jasmine, Peach & Black Chocolate taste profile.

Now that you’ve learned everything about it, do you want to enjoy it? 


Don’t forget…   

That this coffee is a Limited Edition, available for a limited period only. Enjoy it while you can, by buying some for the home or try it first with a coffee to go. You can taste the rare aromas and special characteristics in each and every enjoyable sip.

The Microfarm Project. A taste that will never exist again…


Stay tuned for Chapter 2!