Perfumes, drinks, treats, travel, gifts or maybe none of the above?

When you think about it, Christmas is a subjective concept. A time that brings different emotions to everyone and shapes their daily routine differently. It may be the biggest holiday of the year, an occasion for celebrations all over the world, but the truth is that everyone lives these days in their own way. And because sometimes you may feel bad that you don’t share the same feelings and habits with those around you, we are here to take away the guilt and tell you that you can enjoy Christmas in your own way because every person is a unique Christmas type.

Woman smiling with christmas tree

From November to Christmas

Once the calendar shows September 1st, you count down the days until the beginning of November. This is when you declare the start of the Christmas season – at least yours – and remove the Christmas tree and decorations from the wardrobe (which, mind you, are always at an easily accessible spot). Your neighbours may look at you strangely, your own Christmas lights may be blinking insistently before it is even mid-November, but there is nothing that can faze you. The child inside you – not very much inside – wakes up and makes its own revolution, experiencing time differently. The secret is not to let anyone spoil your mood. And you should know that even the most disinterested people may sooner or later be swept away by your joy!

Friends smiling in christmas table

All I want for Christmas is you

For you, Christmas means seeing your people again. You are one of those people who live far away from home – or even far from their hometown – and cannot wait to go and see their families. The holidays count double, because they mean returning home and hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You dream of sweet treats (melomakarona and kourabiedes) that decorate the dining room and spread an aroma that reminds you of your mother’s baking. You hardly decorate your house because you know you’ll find a huge decorated tree waiting for you at your parents‘ house. Every Christmas morning, you enjoy your favorite coffee where love is omnipresent. And in the evenings, you play board games under the tree while sipping hot chocolate. Now, this is what homey Christmas spirit is all about.

Christmas decorated town

“Ticket and ID please”

You don’t know much about how Christmas looks like in your hometown because you are hardly ever there. You have booked tickets early and by the time the holidays begin you are already on the plane. You are the type of person who loves skiing, but you also enjoy a hot chocolate at the chalet. Every now and then you change destinations – so you don’t get bored – because you would like to see many cities decorated for Christmas. Your favorite game is to close your eyes and point to a spot on the map for your next trip. You may not be experiencing the warmth of Christmas at home, but your fridge is full of magnets – souvenirs from other countries. And this is your personal tree on which you add another ornament every year.

Woman smiling with christmas shopping bags

Shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping

Shops are finally decorated and open for you. You have been waiting a whole year for this moment, so let the street shopping frenzy begin. You are one of those people who wholeheartedly believed in Santa Claus and you are now trying to play that role for your loved ones. You love lists where you write down what gift to get everyone and even more so, you love the process until you’ve chosen all the Christmas gifts. Name days in quick succession are a perfect occasion, as they are a good excuse to go to the shops. Sometimes you overdo it – overspending on your credit card – but you don’t care. For you, December is a joyful month, which brings endless shopping fun. You’re most likely walking down the street singing Mariah Carrey, Wham and even carols, since you’re the personification of the Christmas atmosphere and you are perfectly right. Hang in there!

Man with Christmas hat

The grumpy Xmas person

If you have watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, you surely feel you can somehow identify with this film. The lights make you nervous, Christmas songs give you headaches, not to mention decorations. Fair enough. So, why would you feel bad about that? Christmas holidays may be stressful, tiring, and on top of that there’s that atmosphere that tells you that you “must” have a good time. And yet your own beautiful moments may not occur around Christmas. Maybe you just want to lock yourself up home and go out again “next year”. There are surely many people who feel the exact same way. And even though children singing Christmas carols are not to blame, you can just get through these days without having to listen to the traditional Greek Christmas carols. Oh, and just make sure you let other people enjoy these days as they wish.

Whatever your view of Christmas is, you can spend these days without following the crowd. Live each day to the fullest, enjoy hot Christmas drinks from Coffee Island and be merry in your own unique way.