The new coffee from Single Estate Honduras la Paz came to Coffee island, and with its unique taste tells a story out of nature.

Woman holds our new coffee

Have you ever watched a movie where different stories unfold simultaneously in different places and possibly in different times? You know, those scenarios that give you a more global sense of the world, since they make you think that while you are at home enjoying your favorite coffee, some other story is happening in another corner of the planet.

Every specialty coffee that comes to Coffee Island is a little story, a scenario, only it doesn’t happen in the movies, but in real life. And these are the stories that make coffee lovers learn as much as they can about their favorite beverage and the process behind this daily treat.

Happy people smiling with coffee

The new specialty Single Estate coffee, under the name Honduras la Paz, comes to Coffee Island shops to tell the story of its own unique journey starting in the Marcala region, southwest of Honduras. In those remote lands, growing and sorting coffee beans is a special process in which human care plays the leading role, and that in itself makes a difference in terms of high quality.

Setting environmentally friendly production as a priority, the 100 or so small producers have managed to achieve international recognition for their harvests, which seems even more important considering how it all started as a private initiative of a group of small coffee producers with an initial capital of 365 US dollars!

In 2001, 12 women and 49 men farmers with the support of the Fundación para el Desarrollo Empresarial Rural (FUNDER) created an innovative production model based on responsible and ethical farming to produce high quality coffee with the use of organic methods. Most importantly, however, all these values remain unchanged to this day and provide the distinctive characteristics of coffee from Honduras la Paz estate.

People walking with coffee and smile

The process seems to come straight out of an old movie, back when technology had not yet replaced human hands, the care and true love for nature and what it offers. The red wine-colored cherries are picked one by one and go through a second selection to remove the unripe or overripe ones. The rest of them are placed in tanks of water for 24 hours and the process continues with those that have the right density, while those that float are discarded.

The red cherries from which the Single Estate Honduras la Paz coffee will be obtained are the fine ones, those that meet the strict standards to enjoy this exceptional variety. But it is not only the superior taste that results from this highly natural process. The vision of applying innovative farming methods possessed by this group of growers points the way to a better future for next generations, in a world where respect for nature is a non-negotiable value.

Man works with coffee in his hand

This specialty coffee, with all the history that accompanies it and the philosophy that it represents, can be found at the Espresso Bar where you can enjoy it in filter and espresso-based drinks, but also at Coffee Roastery of Coffee Island shops, for more espresso or filter coffee enjoyment, thanks to its omni-roast roasting profile. As for its aromatic profile, cherry, cocoa and tropical fruits come together in an experience that you have to live.

Besides, at Coffee Island Single Estate varieties are renewed so that each time you can taste the unique characteristics of the different origins, the selected farm, the processing methods and the coffee roasting that showcases the distinct profile of each bean.

It is nice to close your eyes when taking in that first sip of coffee and let yourself go on a tasty journey. It is nice to feel its aroma and body carrying you to the other side of the world. Where, at the same time as you are enjoying Honduras la Paz coffee, some small producers are carefully picking the red cherries and, with absolute gratitude to nature, follow the steps that lead to the cup of coffee you hold in your hands. This is not a fantasy movie. It is the experience you will have with this new Single Estate coffee. An experience that brings a twist of pleasure to your everyday life.