At Coffee Island we have created unique gifts you can offer to your loved ones!

Santa may not exist, but honestly, don’t you wish you hadn’t learned the truth and left hot milk and freshly baked cookies for him on a coffee table every New Year’s Eve? On the other hand, Santa Claus may not be a real person, but he is an icon for sure. A concept that no one can take away from you – no matter how old you get – and which invites you into an endless gift giving that begins as soon as December arrives.

xmas gifts

The lineup of name days is a good introduction to Christmas with invitations – you can’t help but know at least one person called Nikos in your inner circle – treats and of course, gifts! A great intro to start the shopping trips, to make lists of what you want to buy and all the things you want to offer as gifts in gold ribbon and glitter packaging. Because, okay, no matter how much you struggle with the Christmas spirit, gifts come to lure you into an atmosphere that echoes with the sound of ringing bells and HO HO HO HO.


xmas santa

Every year this season, at Coffee Island, we become like Santa’s helpers – elves who love coffee – and we have suggestions that you will love and you will want to offer to yourself and your loved ones. And because for us, joy is not just a taste but also an experience, our gifts become an occasion for special moments that will make this year’s Christmas holidays unforgettable.

Christmas mornings call for a festive breakfast, an Xmas breakfast that helps you start the day and it feels like children singing carols. Enjoy the Christmas drinks you will find at Coffee Island’s Espresso Bar alone or with your friends, since you can send them a delicious jingle latte or a cappuccino jingle blend through coffee mates, invite them to Face time or What’s up and share a tasty experience sprinkled with glitter.

If you are a true coffee lover, you should treat yourself with the unique taste of Microfarm Jingle Blend or if you are a fan of chocolate you should indulge in the warm sweetness of Jingle Melody. And of course, you will accompany your favourite festive drink with the right accompaniment – no, toast and honey are not the best choice for Christmas breakfast. Try the delicious Carrot Cake with icing, the Christmas star-shaped cookie and the Xmas Oat Bar, all recipes we prepared in our workshop (it is turned into Santa’s workshop these days) especially for the Christmas season. Don’t miss out on the sweet pumpkin pie and tahini pie we created to bring a bit more magic to Eats offered at Coffee Island shops.

After all, it is magic that is missing from our everyday life and this is what makes the Christmas holidays different. The magic of gifts fits in the festive packages we created combining delicious treats, aromatic blends and Christmas items. Aromatic coffee filter biscuit Speculoos, almond or caramel pretzels – the traditional taste gets a new dimension – Jingle Melody chocolate, but also our collector’s Christmas mug, the Fig and Sandalwood scented festive candle, Xmas chocolate with fig and honey, Microfarm Jingle Blend, delicious Italian Panettone and traditional German Stollen are just some of the surprises hidden in our gift boxes creating combinations that you will be delighted to offer as a gift.

You may pick up the package of your choice from your nearest Coffee Island shop or send it via Coffee Mates to your friends or wherever you want (the courier service can distribute the gifts even if it doesn’t deliver them down the chimney). If you are one of those who like to create their own combinations, you can choose any blend you like, your favourite tea, chocolate or one of the Home Barista products available on the My Coffee Island APP+WEB for flavour – filled Christmas holidays.

Since you will want to give as many gifts as you can, gift boxes start from 8 EUR so that you can fill your own Santa’s bag spreading joy, wishes and love to all your loved ones. And this is the true Christmas spirit that you will find at Coffee Island shops these days.

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