More and more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan. Restaurants, cafeterias and snack bars are adding more vegan options to their menus. Also the number of new, purely vegan and vegetarian places is on the rise. 

Plant-based eating is not just a new diet trend but an entire philosophy!

If you are searching for information about this new dietary trend habit, let’s dive in and find out more!

A woman eating and enjoying a vegetarian salad.

Let’s take it from the top!

Veganism, as a term was created in 1944 by The Vegan Society. In 1949, Leslie J. Cross defined it as “the principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man”.

The term, vegetarianism however, meaning people who ate neither meat nor its products, was coined in 1830. So, actually, veganism is not as new a concept as we thought!

Gradually, veganism spread from nutrition to fashion and other aspects of everyday life.

A group of people eating and enjoying a vegan/vegetarian pizza.

Vegans don’t eat just… salad!

There’s a misconception that vegetarians and vegans don’t eat anything but veggies, fruits and pulses! Well, guess again.

From main courses to cakes and from sweets to pizza, all your favorite foods can be vegan! All you need are the necessary plant-based ingredients for delicious results.

A woman cutting vegetables.

What are plant-based ingredients?

Vegetables, fruits, pulses, seeds, cereals, grains and nuts, all of which, in creative combinations, can lead to unique palate-pleasing results.

Furthermore, vegan alternatives in all our favorite foods and beverages are equally delicious as their non plant-based counterparts. Milk can be easily replaced by almond, coconut, or soymilk. With just a little bit of imagination your recipes will rock!

A mother and a son enjoying their lunch.

What type of vegetarian are you? 

Vegetarianism is not a one-way route! There are different types of plant-based eating, and you can discover, the type that best suits you!

Classic Vegan strictly avoid all animal products. That means that, along with no red meat, fish or poultry vegans also avoid eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin or anything else that originates from animals.

A healthy vegan/vegetarian meal.

Lacto Vegetarians, as the name implies, avoid all meats although they allow for milk, cheese and yogurt consumption.

Ovo vegetarians avoid all meats but allow for eggs in their diet!

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians the most common type of vegetarian, refuse all meats but eat both eggs and dairy! 

A woman preparing a fish for her lunch.

Pescatarians may not be vegetarians, but limit their meat consumption to only fish and seafood.

Pollotarians limit any meat consumption to poultry and avoid red meat, fish or seafood.

Finally, a Flexitarian is a step away from turning vegetarian or vegan by gradually consuming less meat and increasing the purely plant-based options in their diet.

A woman enjoying her homemade Coffee Island instant coffee.

Vegan vs Vegetarian

No, it’s not a battle. We’ll just explore the differences between the two, in order to understand them better.

Nutrition: On the one hand, vegetarians eat no meat at all, but they allow dairy products and eggs in their diet. On the other hand, a vegan consumes no animal products, not even honey.

Lifestyle: While a vegetarian may be more tolerant, a vegan would probably consider it absurd to wear fur, leather and wool fabrics or even use cosmetics tested on animals.

Philosophy: This is probably the most essential difference between vegans and vegetarians. A vegetarian is motivated by the goal of a healthier lifestyle. In other words, vegetarians are interested in improving their nutrition as well as their health. A vegan however, is driven by a philosophy, which is opposed to any kind of animal exploitation. For vegans, their dietary choice is a holistic life choice.

Whatever your type

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A homemade Coffee Island filter coffee with cookies.

Don’t forget

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