Technopolis was once again this year crowded with intense aromas and coffee lovers. Naturally, Coffee Island made an appearance at this year’s Athens’ largest Athenian coffee event during which our aim was to ‘seduce’ you on a unique journey through our Single Estate and Microfarm Ethiopia Damo editions as well as discover our new Nitro Cold Brew recipes.


Three days together, three days full of coffee

At our booth, coffee flowed abundantly along with our appetite to talk and get to know you. We held quizzes, took Polaroid photos, experimented with recipes, enjoyed specialty coffee and showed you how to create your very own coffee drinks using our Home Barista equipment.



What happened at the Espresso Bar?

Enjoying specialty drinks, tasting Single Estate and of course Microfarm Ethiopia Damo, a limited edition coffee that only a few had the opportunity to taste firsthand. 




But you also drank Coffee Cocktails created by Argyris and Markos, because the coffee world needs a shot of imagination as well as quality and technique!



Our baristi not only made coffee that you enjoyed, but also brought the…

Coffee Campus to the Coffee Festival

Coffee Campus Trainers were there to give you their very own ‘How to’… insights and to properly introduce you to the magical world of coffee such as how to make the perfect filter or Greek coffee with the perfect foam!


The experts gave the answers and now, all the power is in your hands. The secrets have been revealed and all you have to do is bring what you learned from the Coffee Festival to your own home.


One image = A thousand words 

That’s why we’ve captured your best moments at our booth with Polaroid so that you can remember your unique experience and see it on social media too.


 “What kind of coffee are you?”

Our quiz brought you a revelation, a truth; which coffee suits you. Along with the quiz we also offered you 100 grams of coffee beans to grind for even more enjoyment at home.


At the Coffee Shop, the pleasure is in the beans

You may have your own type of coffee, but we’re confident that there are other flavors and aromas that suit you. Our Coffee Campus Trainers informed you about the blends, varieties and different flavors depending on your preferred taste profile. Try and experiment with the different options at home, because the coffee that you create at home is definitely unique.


Coffee is a philosophy and a way of life

At the Home Barista corner, you could find equipment to help you make the perfect coffee at home and even clothes and accessories with coffee themed quotes!


The most important part of the event for us? Our reusable cup made out of compressed coffee beans: A cup made of coffee that smells of coffee which is also environmentally friendly.


If coffee is the beverage that makes you click, then click below to watch the video from the 3 day coffee event!