Our daily life is made up of routine moments like our morning rise, the ride to work, out-of-office obligations, even our entertainment, as many times we choose tried and tested hangouts. Every little thing that can disturb this sequence, from a good chat to the coffee we choose, makes our day unique. Quality flavors and special aromas can arouse our senses and remind us of pleasant memories. The ticket? Single Estate specialty coffees by Coffee Island.

What is Single Estate?

The beans get harvested in a specific geographical location and farm from where they get their taste and aroma. The climate, altitude, environmental conditions, even the soil, determine to a large extent, the flavor profile of a coffee.

Our baristi recommend 2 of the 4 new Single Estates and the journey to the world of quality specialty coffee begins. Buckle up and get ready for taking off to the motherland of coffee – Ethiopia and magical Brazil.

From Ethiopia to your cup…

Meet the Single Estate Ethiopia Guji, a coffee coming from the Guji province of the Oromia region in Ethiopia.

Did you know that…

Oromia was named after Oromo, the biggest tribe of Ethiopia who have their own dialect and mostly deal with farming land as well as livestock?

Question: Where is coffee harvested?

Answer: It’s produced by micro-farmers on a high altitude (1900-2300m) and rich volcanic soil.

Question: How does this affect the coffee that reaches me?

Answer: The soil is fertile, and the vegetation is dense, putting the focus on the coffee, while the craftsmanship and experience of the micro-farmers, ensure harvesting by hand and the processing of coffee.

Question: What is the processing method?

Answer: It’s the wet method, where the bean gets extracted from the fruit with the help of water, while here the brewing stage is particularly important for the final result.

Question: What’s the flavor profile of Ethiopia Guji?

Answer: Discover strawberry – lime – caramel in a unique espresso.

From Brazil to your cup

The Single Estate coffee Brazil Bela Epoca comes from the Alta Mogiana region in Sao Paulo Brazil with its own special history.

Did you know that…

Brazil holds the scepter in global coffee production with 80% of harvested coffee being Arabica and 20% Robusta.

Question: On which altitude is coffee harvested?

Answer: At an altitude of 1260m. The combination of the altitude with a stable temperature all year round, gives the coffee a unique characteristic, a natural sweetness.

Question: Who cultivates it?

Answer: From the family of Luiz de Cunha Sobrinho, who started from a small farm and now, after 80 years of experience in coffee production, manages the Bela Época farm, which is also a certified organic farm.

Question: How does this affect the coffee that reaches me?

Answer: The farm collaborates with various organizations for the genetic improvement of coffee trees. Among them is the Topazio variety, that is known for its special taste characteristics. This means that the coffee that reaches your cup is constantly improved and your experience in specialty coffee, becomes better still.

Question: Which is the processing method?

Answer: The dry one which is one of the most demanding traditional ways of processing coffee.

Question: What do we mean by dry processing method?

Answer: It means the “cherry” of the coffee, is let out in the sun, to absorb all the sugars, while the coffee contains a fuller body and fruity taste.

Question: What is the flavor profile of Brazil Bela Época?

Answer: Raspberry, Kiwi and Dark chocolate.

Learned what was necessary for our new coffees? Time to try them!

Where else? At Coffee Island. Find these new 100% Specialty Arabica Single Estate coffees online and in our coffee shops. Try our new delivery experience and order for your home or go by the nearest shop for a take away coffee.

Your journey through the world of coffee begins here. And don’t forget…Brazil and Ethiopia are a sip away. Enjoy!