Two more farms, two more special 100% Specialty Arabica coffees that will introduce you to the treasures of specialty coffee. The Single Estates take you to a journey of discovering something different. After all, coffee is much more than just a power drink, as many people think. It’s a delightful experience!


Learn what it means…

Single Estate

Definition: It characterizes the coffee that is cultivated in a specific geographical area and adopts the unique flavor and aromatic characteristics, owed to the environmental and climatic conditions of the area.

And what does that mean for coffee?

That it’s unique. Every sips transports you right to that specific country, to that area, to that farm, to that altitude …

Coffee Island’s “explorers” recommend Colombia Ibague and Peru La Avanzada, while answering questions about the specificities of each coffee and the region that it comes from.


From Colombia to … your glass

Meet the Single Estate Colombia Ibague, a coffee coming from the Ibague farm in Tolima Province in Colombia.

Did you know that…

Colombian coffee is characterized by its rich body, sweet taste and balanced acidity.


Question: Which conditions characterize the quality of coffee in Colombia?

Answer: The volcanic origin of the soil combined with the changes in temperature, make the country ideal for farming coffee.

Question: How do micro-farmers contribute to the quality of the coffee?

Answer: With their methodical harvesting, craftmanship, as well as with constant evaluation. Before shipping coffee, thorough tests are conducted, and these are repeated prior to and after the processing stage.

Question: How does this affect the coffee that reaches me?

Answer: It ensures that quality ingredients of the harvested coffee are guaranteed so that our grinderies get the most highly-graded coffee.


Question: Which is the processing method?

Answer: The wet one, where the bean is extracted from the fruit with the help of water. Here the brewing stage is of great importance to the result of the flavor profile.


Question: What is the flavor profile of Colombia Ibague?

 Answer: The combination of bergamot, vanilla and roasted almond will transport you to Colombia with an espresso.


From Peru…to your cup

The Single Estate Peru la Avanzada comes from the Junin region in Peru, with its own unique history.

Did you know that…

Coffee production in Peru today is devastatingly low, with the size of a medium farm reaching just 3 hectares. The cooperatives that have been created help the producers mitigate the dangers that threaten their production and help them access funds of vital importance for harvesting.


Question:What characterizes the Junin region and consequently coffee?

Answer: The fact that it combines highlands with the jungle, waterfalls, fertile plains, folk art and arts and crafts. It’s a place where the diverse environment meets local culture and the people’s aptitude for creativity.


Question: Who cultivates it?

Answer: Victor Aguilar Cesar Gumercindo, owner of La Avanzada farm, a member farm of the Central Cafe & Cacao organization that was establishedin March 2003.

Question: What is the Central Cafe & Cacao organization and what does it mean for production?

Answer: It’s about a farmers’ initiative who organized in collectives in order to improve the system of coffee and cacao production. Their mission? To constantly develop competitive products and services that will contribute to further developing the value of Peruvian coffee. In this way, gradual development takes place within a spirit of collaboration and environmental protection.

Question: What does this mean for the coffee that reaches me?

Answer: That it is an accredited organic coffee. That the coffee you enjoy, has been harvested by micro-farmers that are sensitive towards each stage of production, from the “cherry” to its arrival at the grindery.


Question: What’s the processing method?

Answer: Peru La Avanzada is also processed using the wet method.

Question: What is the flavor profile of Peru La Avanzada?

Answer: The notes of fig, chocolate and walnut are brought to life with a hot Cappuccino.

Learned what was necessary for our new coffees?

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