The milkshake revolution has arrived, tastes like cheesecake and it’s as summery as they come. The cold milkshake combines with everyone’s favorite dessert…the result? 16 oz of authentic, sweet and frozen delight!

The most summery drink

A quiet stroll through island alleys, a dip in the sea, an evening on the balcony with friends or even an intense hot day in the office, all suddenly become refreshing with a milkshake in hand! A drink that brings up memories from our summer holidays with family, is our natural companion on our daily routines as adults. And, for dessert fans who can’t resist sweet temptations, we have the perfect solution: Milkshake Cheesecake – where fresh milk meets cheesecake cream, biscuit and syrup.


The King of Milkshakes

How can you enjoy your favorite dessert in a glass? The answer is simple! Visit a Coffee Island store and ask for a Milkshake Cheesecake. Choose the syrup you like: cherry or strawberry, and our barista will sprinkle it on the tip of your glass. Next in goes the characteristic cheesecake cream which gets mixed up with crunchy grated Oreo cookie. Feel its refreshingly intense taste, sweet aroma and breezy summer mood with the first sip. The high quality of the ingredients meets the classic taste of cheesecake, creating a first-rate drink! And..for those who prefer the more classic flavors. Cool down with a Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry milkshake.

And don’t forget…

The revolutionary cheesecake flavor can only be found here, at Coffee Island. Visit a store for takeaway or have your order delivered to your home so you can cool down during these hot summer days! At our coffee roaster, you’ll find more milkshake flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to make your favorite beverage as you like it at home.

Summer’s here and it’s time to enjoy it!