How many moments in our daily routine find us with a cup of coffee in hand, waiting, quenching our thirst, getting reenergized, laughing, taking notes, cooling down, even taking photos? Counting them all would be almost impossible, as coffee lovers combine most of their routines with a cup of coffee. In fact, isn’t coffee the company you keep, in good times and in bad?

The College coffee


How many sleepless nights did you spend on top of open books, because passing your test the next day seemed practically impossible? How many coffees did you have that night? How many times did you wish for the 9 o’clock class to get cancelled, only to show up holding a coffee to avoid falling asleep right there on your desk? College without coffee seems an improbable feat!

The office coffee


And then you go from difficult tutors to difficult clients and colleagues. Even your typical morning rise that gets you to the office on time, requires coffee that boosts your day. And the nights you spend in the office, on top of laptops and paperwork to “save” that project? That’s where you’ve had your standard dose and going for the extreme just to make it through. Out-of-office appointments, business trips, tough days…coffee gives you energy and keeps you company until you get back home and relax.

The patience coffee


Don’t tell us you haven’t held a coffee while waiting in queue to pay your bills! In the bank, in public services, while shopping in the supermarket or are stuck in the traffic of Kifisias (Athens avenue with traffic during the day), your hand holding a warm of cold coffee. You, who waits for the mechanic to repair your car or computer, or you who’s waiting for your girlfriend to finish shopping, or your best mate to get ready. Amid the heat and the crowds, coffee cools you down and makes waiting easier.

Now that we’re on the topic of waiting…your best friend has just married? She always took ages shopping but waiting for her to try on wedding gowns that are famously hard to fit, takes real patience. Besides, she needs to look gorgeous on her important day which takes time and endless hours shopping around. Have a sip of coffee, you’ll need it!

The summer coffee


List for the beach: Sunscreen✓, Towels✓, Water✓, Rackets✓, Coffee✓

Even if you forget your sunscreen and find yourself without rackets, you can’t possibly skip taking coffee for the ride to the beach! Even you get a sunburn, you will have coffee to freshen you up. And during your evening strolls, you’ll always have the triad of coffee, good company and chit-chat! Even in moments of peace and quiet, away from obligations and all the fuss, coffee is always there. Friends and coffee have always been an unbeatable combo.

Coffee Island coffee


It’s almost hard to believe how many moments are connected to coffee. And each one of us, certainly has their own small, daily rituals. But for us, the value of coffee has always been a constant.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee wherever you are!

Make your own at home with roasted beans or capsules from our coffee shop or have one delivered to you from our espresso bar. You can even stop by a Coffee Island shop while on-the-go and grab a take away coffee to enjoy anytime!

Our day needs coffee! How about yours?