Our love for coffee has led us to new destinations. We welcome two new Specialty Single Origin coffees, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere and Nicaragua Peralta Dipilto. Through direct trade, we come in direct contact with producers and because of mutual trust and common philosophy, our collaborations transform into long-term agreements.

First stop, Ethiopia, a country with a long tradition and a history in coffee production. After tasting the Microfarm Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, our relationship bore new fruit. The Specialty single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere. The harvesting is done by hand, so that only the correct fruit is chosen one at a time and stands out, because of black tea aromas, lemon and honey, high sweetness, intense citrus acidity, full body and a sweet long-lasting lime aftertaste.

Second stop, Nicaragua. In the rockiest area of Nicaragua, we discovered specialty Dipilto, with a rich and full character. The particularity of the natural environment and high altitude, leads to the production of coffee with unique taste characteristics. Aromas of coffee flowers, raspberry and cacao, flavours of caramel, cacao, and citrus notes, with a rich, full body with an aftertaste of fruit and praline.


Along with our already famous single origin coffees, Kenya AA, Colombia Huila and El Salvador El Condor, that arrive to the Coffee Island coffee roasters through Direct Trade, our immediate cooperation program with coffee producers, our family of Specialty Single Origin coffee now has five new members, becoming even richer.