At Coffee Island we love coffee, constantly contemplate about it and live for it! Nothing seems more natural than doing the same for our decaf enjoyment.

We present a new innovative method of decaffeinating the coffee bean exclusively at Coffee Island. The Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process is one of the most important compounds in nature and acts as a strong solvent for caffeine.

This is deCO2ffεε! Taste without compromise. The process of decaffeination is completed in three basic stages. The first thing involved is submerging the coffee underwater and then bringing it in contact with liquid carbon dioxide that retains and removes a portion of caffeine from the coffee grains. This process is repeated until 99.9% of the initial caffeine is extracted. Finally, the grains move to a dehumidifier where the grains are dried back to the initial wet stage.

This process utilises natural means in order to retain the flavour profile of your coffee unchanged.


Here, we will reveal our secrets step by step!

The result is one that all of us coffee fanatics love! A coffee whose quality and taste remain just as special. Try the new deCO2ffεε as espresso, filter, ibrik and flavoured Vanilla- Hazelnut filter coffee and your mind will be set.

If you also want to be a deCO2ffεε lover, all you need to do is stop by our coffee shops and try our decaf specialty blends. Be impressed without compromising.