The new Single Estate Indonesia Sumatra has arrived!
In the mountains of Indonesia the local smallholders protect nature and she offers them a
coffee with rare features

There are certain places on the planet that you only go to through the taste of coffee. As you savour the unique aromas of a single estate, you can close your eyes and follow a journey backwards from your cup to faraway places where Western civilisation has not spread and the earth is the ultimate source of life. This land is embraced with respect by the natives and cultivated with their own hands. We, at Coffee Island as true coffee explorers love to constantly discover new lands, farms and crops where the coffee beans are gathered each time in a precious harvest full of the special characteristics offered by the soil and the unique climate.

This time we travelled to far-off Indonesia. In this special country, consisting of 18,000 islands, inhabited by about 300 tribes (!) and resembling nothing like the world as we know it. There, on Mount Gayo, in the northwest of the country, is one of the largest Arabica
plantations in Southeast Asia where some of the best coffee varieties in the world are grown.

2 new single estate coffees

The local farmers are small farmers who love the land in a primitive and pure way and for this reason they do their best to protect the ecosystem. In these places, people feel a deep connection with Mother Nature and know that only by preserving her can she give them the
right conditions to grow the coffee trees on their farm, so that the coffee they produce retains its special flavour.

This may sound a little far removed from the modern western lifestyle, but then again this is what makes our Single Estate coffees stand out. The care of the smallholders, the specificity of the soil, the purity of nature and the unique climate that remains unspoilt from direct
human intervention. It is these coffees with their distinctive characteristics that make up Coffee Island’s Single Estates range, and to them comes the addition of Indonesia Sumatra coffee.

This coffee, thanks to the temperature levels of the region goes through a semi-washed processing and offers a rare aroma profile with strawberry, liquorice and sugar cane.

Indonesia coffee is cultivated by a community of 500 small farmers living in the villages of the region, all with a common goal – to constantly improve the quality of the coffee they produce, with their top priority being the preservation of the ecosystem so that the region
remains an ideal ground for growing coffee trees.

Indeed, here the farmers honour their land and can be proud of the coffee beans they collect. And we are proud that from now on, we can offer Indonesia Sumatra coffee variety at the Coffee Island Coffee Shop and at the Espresso Bar. Containing 100% Specialty Arabica
with a unique flavour, this Single Estate coffee is roasted with the artisan roasting we know very well so as to produce an excellent cup of espresso or a cup of filter coffee with rich flavours.

Moreover, just because we know that authentic coffee lovers are also fanatical coffee makers, with the 200g packs sold in our Coffee Shop you can take home the excellent Indonesia Sumatra beans and enjoy their unique taste experience at your place.
This is an experience that transports you to the distant Indonesia and reveals through the aromatic and flavourful traits of our new Single Estate once again a small miracle of nature that becomes a daily habit!