We arrived there where everyday winter follows summer and we brought another rare specialty coffee.

Coffee is a whole world that invites you to discover it. We, as true explorers, are constantly seeking that spot on the planet, that region, that farm that has a new Single Estate coffee offering for us. A new taste experience with special characteristics that leads us to uncharted paths of pleasure.

Besides, in order to add a new specialty coffee to our collection every time, we start by carving a path where there is none; in territories that are difficult and inaccessible; where nature, weather conditions and the specificity of the soil are combined in a way that is not defined by human intervention, creating the right environment for cultivating a variety that stands out.

colombia landscape

This time we travelled to Tolima, in the centre-west of Colombia, one of the most renowned coffee producing countries in the world. The region is one of the largest and most important páramo ecosystems on earth, as the tropical Andean ridge reaches all the way to the sky.  Temperatures there range from 32 οC during the day to -18 οC at night, which is why the climate is described as summer by day and winter by night! The lands lie under the shadow of the Nevado del Tolima volcano, also known as “Dulima”, which means “Queen of Snow”.

The new Single Estate that has just arrived at Coffee Island to conquer us with its unique aromatic and flavorful characteristics took its name from this imposing creation of nature. Those characteristics are due to the volcanic identity of Tolima, but also to the significant temperature variations which favour the cultivation of a coffee that stands out.

Man holds coffee beans

And where nature has created the right soil, the small farmers come to put all the care and art that their development of the Dulima variety requires in order to offer us a new tasty experience through the wet processing of the precious grains!

The aromatic and flavourful profile of the new Single Estate combines hazelnut, grapefruit, milk chocolate and caramel that gives a different twist to your day. Another rare coffee with an even rarer origin: 100% Arabica, Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Castillo. You can enjoy this exceptional variety at Coffee Island’s Espresso Bar, but also at home if you are a proud coffee maker, as 200g bean packs are available at Coffee Island to bring a bit of Andes tropical climate into your life.

colombia coffee

Thanks to its omni-roast roasting, Colombia Dulima yields a full cup of espresso or a cup of aromatic filter coffee. Above all, it gives you once more the opportunity to experience a different taste that takes you on a delightful journey.

At Coffee Island, we frenetically seek the taste and love to bring from every corner of the world a single estate variety that changes the experience of tasting your favourite beverage. Dulima is our new discovery!