Coffee Island participated for the first time at the Athens Coffee Festival! This is the biggest coffee festival in Greece! Our participation was a big party…

Every day we were enjoying our coffee with the five specialty, single-origin 100% Arabica coffees, making a Journey to the World of Coffee. The happenings started early!

At Artisan Roasting we roasted our single-origin coffee live, explaining all the secrets that make our coffee unique! Stelios from the RnD Department explained through a special screen the ideal baking curve for every single one of the single-origin coffees, and all the coffee roasting steps.


We did Cupping with over 2,000 visitors of the exhibition! That is, we discovered, while playing, the fragrances of the five single-origin coffees… and there were awesome gifts for the winners! Thus, Amalia, Veroniki Nikos and Alexandros (Coffee Campus) highlighted the “nose abilities” of some, who were really good at it.


Impressive Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, with our partners bringing the real flavor of the country that discovered coffee (Ethiopia) to the Coffee Island booth. It is a traditional ritual that takes place three times a day. Friends and relatives gather to enjoy their coffee at home and tell their news or … to gossip, as they told us.


Could Coffee Island exist without its Espresso & Brew Bar? The answer is NO. So, Katerina M., Katerina G., Michalis, Christos, Tasos, Spyros, Markos and Argyris offered us large quantities of unique coffee. Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Chemex, Syphon and V60, Nitro Cold Brew, and Cocktail with or without alcohol, are just a few of the awesome options and of course rewarded even the most demanding.


We met our associates, our everyday consumers, people who love coffee, talked, played, laughed, and of course got photographed in our Photo Booth with backgrounds like coffee beans and Ethiopian objects. Now, our commemorative photos remind us of the awesome weekend we spent in the biggest coffee festival in Greece!


We will be back to make new amazing memories, at the 4th Athens Coffee Festival! Till next Year…