Rise and shine with the push of a button. Right before work, enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee so that you can start your day fresh. You arrive at the office and you desperately need that first coffee of the day. So, you push the button and in the blink of an eye you’re a superhero at completing the tasks at hand.

Coffee Island's espresso coffee.

Moving on to the afternoon, you may want to create some personal relaxing time. How’d you do that? Push the button once again, add some ice to your glass and have that wonderful sip of coffee that gives you the energy to do the things you love. This is the kind of magic released by our new espresso pods.

Coffee Island's new capsules.

Take a “peak” and then a… taste!

This is probably the only time you’ll have to judge the book by the cover! Because in our case the cover is of aluminum material, which means that your coffee is even better protected against oxygen. The aromas and flavors are preserved to their fullest and our coffee pods preserve their freshness for two whole years after production.

In the process of creating products that minimize the environmental footprint, we made sure that our pods are 100% recyclable. Better yet, 5 new blends, each of which has a unique flavor profile, have just arrived in our coffee shops. 

Coffee Island's bliss capsule.

Bliss: Happiness in a cup

What would give you greater joy than walking into a kitchen redolent with the aroma of fruity and chocolate notes? This coffee has a sweet aftertaste, light roasting and is an ideal option for espresso and ristretto. And the intensity? It’s a 6/12. 

Coffee Island's euphoria capsule.

Euphoria: The joy of the first sip 

Hot days need a burst of euphoria! Before you plan an excursion under the hot sun, enjoy your cool freddo espresso with its nutty and chocolate notes. Our Euphoria blend has a full bodied, strong aftertaste with an 8/12 intensity. It’s a 100% Specialty Arabica medium roast and will capture you from the first sip. 

Coffee Island's affection capsule.

Affection: Senses awakened

The moments you spend enjoying your coffee, is time well spent. This 100% Specialty Arabica coffee with nutty and woody notes, rich cream and body, is the perfect option for a lungo beverage. We’re taking about an aftertaste that lasts, with intensity 10/12. 

Coffee Island's colombia capsule.

Colombia: Live this experience to its fullest

Coming from Colombia, this capsule is dark roasted with 6/12 intensity. Its taste profile boasts a rich flavor with subtle notes of caramel and roasted nuts. Its pleasing aftertaste will appeal to lovers of exotic destinations and ristretto beverages. 

Coffee Island's peru capsule.

Peru: Sweet and balanced taste

If light is how you drink your coffee, then this capsule is for you! With an intensity of not more than 4/12, irresistible sweetness, chocolate notes and a silky body, you’ll enjoy the overall balance of this Peruvian coffee.  

Don’t forget…

Discover the new aluminum capsules in our coffee shops or in My Coffee Island app and coffeeisland.gr. Tell your barista what type of coffee drinker you are and he’ll guide you to the perfect coffee pods for you. This is how a joyful day starts. Cheers.