From an early age, we’ve looked for ways to dare our friends. Whether it is to embarrass them or to compete with them, we create challenges to compare our courage and strength. These moments, no matter how many years have gone by, are kept in our hearts and mind.

Today, we do the exact same thing. How? We share our “accomplishments” with the whole world; we accept the challenge, we record ourselves and then we share on TikTok or Instagram.
…you never really know what challenge will help you go viral.

Challenge the challenger in you.


The “My dog and cats are my babies” type.

They jump over toilet paper rolls – there was a huge stock in every house during lockdown – in Level-Up Challenge, they dance upright – even better than us – and some just sleep like a cute, furry pillow – as if we haven’t seen a pet sleeping before.  Their owners share these moments with the whole world proving their pets’ witty and funny side. Cuteness overload.

Couples challenge.

The “we do everything together” type. 

Cupid strikes the heart of challengers too. Whether you laugh, or “aww” or are the real-life version of Scrooge McDuck, you have to hand it to the couples for being so imaginative. They wear each other’s clothes in the Flip the Switch Challenge, they prank each other, like the Neck Crack Challenge – where they pretend to have a broken neck – funny #not… we even see girls climbing on their boyfriends in the Koala Challenge. Couples – even the famous ones – find their own way to have fun indoors and outdoors and share it with everyone.

Old man doing a dancing challenge.

The “I like to move it move it” type.

For better or worse, the dancer inside us all has stepped into the light. Latin songs, hip hop steps, failed dance moves, all lead us to the realization that we must keep trying! Alone, with your crew or significant other, we learn the hottest social media choreographies and we hit the dancefloors of our… living rooms, balconies, bathrooms and so on. The braver ones of us shoot videos in public places, even from… fire stations, like the Weekend’s Blinding Lights challenge that was performed by the Lymm fire station in Britain.  

Woman and man doing a challenge.

The “I took the truth serum” type. 

From the Couples Challenge, where couples – or friends – responded to questions about their relationship to the Flour Challenge where a mom dips the head of her children in flour, when each kid “responds” to a question, we learn a lot about the people around us. Mainly we find out whom mom considers the laziest one in the family.

Barbie girl challenge.

The “challenge = statement” type.

We’re very fond of the new Barbie Girl Challenge. Girls do their Barbie-inspired make-up and then they take it off and replace it with their usual make-up, showing their true character and singing “Ain’t your barbie, no”. This is a fun and glamorous way to spread a message to the world. 

Women doing a gym challenge.

The “gym freak from home” type.

When gyms were closed because of the lockdown, people found new ways to stay fit. Many challenges followed the concept of the home workout, such as the Plank Challenge, the Stand-Up Challenge, and many more Fitness Challenges that went viral. We may never have so much as lifted a finger before, but we now we exercise for the sake of a challenge. 

Group of friends doing a challenge.

The “I dare you to challenge me” type. 

For example, some participated in the Dolly Parton Challenge, or the 2020 challenge, where they uploaded a picture of their pre-Covid-19 plans and how these plans were ultimately ruined. Some even shared their cute, (some not so much) baby pictures. This type of challenger is almost all of us. 

Two people doing a funny challenge.

Accept the challenge… wink wink!

But what is the real reason we say “Challenge accepted”? Is it as simple as a break from reality? Is it because e v e r y o n e does it, even celebrities? Is it a new way of having fun or is it just a trend that will pass only to be replaced by the next one?

Whatever the reason, the truth is that every challenge is unique. They are peculiar and spontaneous and seem organic. Some can be harnessed for a good cause and they all make us laugh and reminisce about our reckless – but fun – childhood years.

Coffee Island's Cheese Tea mustache challenge.

Don’t forget…

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