World Cup and roller coasters go hand in hand

Every exciting World Cup game is an exciting beer experience at home


Even if you are one of those who do not really care about football and the Greek league, there is no way you will not get carried away by the vibe of the World Cup. Not to mention those who are football fans anyway, and every four years they look forward to enjoying back to back games with the biggest stars of the sport.

Μπύρες στο ψυγείο

What can we do? This is the occasion to meet friends, to escape from the daily routine and for a new habit that brings a change of pace. In this atmosphere of football celebration we create a completely unique experience! Coffee Island&’s Cold Brew Beer is here to accompany the afternoon and evening games with its unique taste, but also with an offer that looks like a scissor kick goal! From 10 to 18 December, you can win 2+1 to share with the whole gang the fantastic, innovative, groundbreaking flavour that we have created in partnership with Greek microbrewery Nissos.

Μπύρες στο ψυγείο


Have you tried it yet? If not, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the unique combination of specialty espresso and black beer that scores with a completely different taste experience. This is an aromatic iced coffee made from single-origin beans roasted medium dark at Coffee Island’s artisanal roaster, blended with a really special porter black beer. The result is a full-bodied beverage with intense natural sweetness, low acidity, natural carbonation, and a rich head that creates enthusiasm. Coffee Cold Brew Beer brings out aromas of coffee, chocolate and dark fruits and becomes your new daily habit whenever you look for something different.

For the afternoon games when you don’t know what to choose – your favorite coffee or the sound of opening a bottle of beer – or during evening games when you are looking for a different light option to share with your friends, Coffee Cold Brew Beer will give you a rich
taste with limited caffeine and low alcohol in a drink that combines your two most favorite tasting habits.

Χέρι κρατάει μπύρα


The classic combination of watching football and drinking beer is complemented with the aroma of the beloved espresso that you cannot live without, creating an experience that only Coffee Island can offer. Coffee Cold Brew Beer, proves what a partnership between two top Greek brands can achieve and its taste gives this Mundial a new interest in terms of taste.

Join My Coffee Island APP+WEB, or come to a shop and order beers for the whole gang in order to win 2+1 and enjoy the next round of the World Cup!