We welcome the first Organic Coffee to the Single Estate family and with this we envision a better

When coffee becomes an excuse to travel around the world, you get to know places and walk on land you could never have imagined. And always, but always, the feeling is the absolute awe of nature that creates those special conditions so that we can enjoy a special cup of espresso, which makes our daily life more enjoyable.

Forest with river and mountains.

So this time, our tasty discovery is also a statement of environmental awareness. This is because our new Single Estate coffee (Colombia Organic) is our way to contribute to the protection of the Ecosystem and to participate in creating a world that provides better quality of life for everyone, free of poverty and inequality. At Coffee Island we stay true to our values by putting people and the environment first. With the dedication that we have displayed over the years, we manage to combine daily enjoyment with the vision of Sustainable Development.

Town with buildings and trees.

The search for the next rare coffee for Coffee Island’s Single Estate family took us to Gaitania, Colombia. A small town where 4000 years ago the eruption of the Talima volcano created ideal soils for the cultivation and production of coffee. The beneficial and nutritious ingredients provided by the land itself are enough to create beans with an excellent flavor and aroma profile. That’s why our new Single Estate comes from a purely organic agricultural production without artificial additives and environmentally harmful substances, letting nature work a miracle. And this miracle is a 100% specialty arabica single origin coffee, which respects the environment and highlights our contribution towards a viable and sustainable microclimate.

Woman with coffee beans.

A product of certified bio organic coffee farming, meaning without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, Colombia Organic is grown using environmentally friendly methods. The precious beans go through a washed processing method, roasted with the roaster art we master at Coffee Island, in a roasting machine exclusively for organic coffees and packaged separately to maintain its purity and organic identity to the end. How else could we welcome our new Single Estate Organic Coffee but by protecting its unique characteristics at every stage?

Man smells coffee beans.

Colombia Organic, however, becomes our way to participate in the effort for Sustainable Development and for another reason: It is grown on small farms by local producers with whom we have direct contact. We give more value to their efforts by carrying out regular checks on their harvest, helping them to save a significant cost, honouring the work of people who, in some distant corner of the earth, are struggling to produce a quality coffee that is wholly organic. The certification by EUROCERT of our production line in Patras processing organic coffee, expands our commercial activity and ensures the processing of sustainable raw materials with environmentally-friendly
methods. In this way we are putting in place actions that fulfil the 12th of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which is responsible consumption and production.

Farmer spreads out coffee beans.

We present you Colombia Organic coffee. Our new Single Estate coffee, with aromas of citrus, dried plum and caramel, becomes a tasting experience that no longer aims to simply change your daily habits but rather invites you to join the effort to change the whole world. Its rare flavor and aromatic profile, its balanced combination of acidity and sweetness and the omni-roasting method used, create a unique choice for espresso or filter coffee that you can enjoy at the Espresso Bar of your nearest Coffee Island or by ordering via My Coffee Island APP+WEB. And because we know that this is a taste that you want to enjoy every moment, coffee lovers can now find Colombia Organic’s
fine beans at our Coffee Shop to bring its unique aroma to their space.

Man holds coffee beans

Our new Single Estate Colombia Organic coffee is another rare variety coffee that came to Coffee Island to tell its own story. A story about our planet and how, together, we can make it a better, more sustainable place for all of us.