Case 1: You wake up early. You desperately need coffee and a snack. You’ re in a hurry to catch up with your daily tasks. You order your coffee online while you look for a snack or you decide to go to the nearest Coffee Island, on your way to work. 

Case 2: It’s 12 in the afternoon. You’re taking a break. You want something to drink and a snack (again!). Something light, because lunch is in a couple of hours.

What snack do you choose?

Breadsticks by Coffee Island. Perfect, for anytime. When you wake up, when you take a break or when you can’t stop nibbling in front of your laptop. It’s a quick and healthy option that covers your nutritional needs!

5+1 delicious reasons to pick them

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with sesami seads.

1. “Are these from the traditional bakery?”

…One might ask you when one sees you holding them with your coffee. These are not your typical breadsticks. Rather they are like the lovingly prepared oven-baked breadsticks grandma gave us when we were kids. 

2. High-quality ingredients

The magic ingredient that makes them delicious? The extra virgin oil enhances the flavor that is part of our unique recipe. It’s the delicate touch that makes for a uniquely delicious breadstick.

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with carob and cranberry.

3. They put V for Vegetarian and Vegan

…but this is an ideal snack for everyone

These days it’s a personal victory to be able to enjoy something that is both healthy and flavorful. Our breadsticks are available in 3 vegetarian options and 1 vegan option to satisfy you whether you’re vegetarian, or you simply prefer your breakfast and your snack to be light and nutritious.

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with tomato.

4. Portion size

You’re not in the mood of eating a lot- but you need something just to satisfy your hunger. You’re in a hurry and you need a portable snack? You need an energy boost but without feeling stuffed, because lunch is coming? Our breadsticks come in the ideal portion size!

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with kefalotyri.

5. Brunch & Breakfast?

You need something to have with your first and also your second coffee of the day? But without feeling stuffed? Choose the breadstick that suits your appetite and taste, and enjoy it whenever you want.

Coffee Island's four new categories of breadsticks.

5… +1 on breadsticks!

The bonus reason we promised you! Our breadsticks come in 4 unique flavors to satisfy you on any given day! Choose among our sesame breadsticks, our carob or cranberry breadsticks, or even our kefalotyri cheese and tomato breadsticks! Which one tickles your taste buds? Enjoy this delicious description or better yet, try our breadsticks to find the answer!  

Choose breadsticks with…


Crispy breadstick covered with sesame

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with sesami seads served with coffee.

Are you a traditionalist? Do you want a down-to-earth but high-quality choice to accompany your beverage? Our cherished sesame breadstick fits in perfectly at any time of day. Better yet, this is a vegetarian breadstick that will satisfy!

Carob and Cranberry

Carob flour and delicious cranberries

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with carob and cranberry served with cappuccino_coffee

A healthy and delicious choice! Cranberries are known for their therapeutic and qualities, while carob is considered an energy-boosting, wellness food. The combination of cranberries and carob is guaranteed to give a healthy energy kick to your day. A vegetarian breadstick that is rich in nutritious ingredients and has…impeccable flavor.


Breadstick dredged with kefalotyri

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with kefalotyri served with coffee.

What’s goes perfectly with breadsticks? Cheese! So, what’s more fitting than a bona fide Greek cheese, kefalotyri, that will give you that savory flavor you like with your coffee. Right before lunch, this snack is the perfect vegetarian option! We are sure this breadstick will be your favorite daily treat.


Crispy breadsticks with tomato flavor

Coffee Island's new breadsticks with tomato served with coffee.

The Mediterranean in a breadstick! Truth be told, the flavorful tomato on a delicate breadstick is what Mediterranean cuisine is all about! This is our vegan option for you to nibble with your coffee while you study, work, or take a break, before lunch.

Don’t forget…

At our shops, you will find the perfect side for your coffee! Share your preferences with our barista and he/she will guide you to the breadstick that perfectly suits your nutritional profiles and your choice of beverage, as well.