Ethiopia Guji

The 14th in a row limited coffee of MICROFARM PROJECT®, Ethiopia Guji, 100% Specialty Arabica from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee!

We once again traveled with the MICROFARM PROJECT® to enchanting Ethiopia to discover a unique coffee specialty. Ethiopia Guji has excited us both for its unrivaled taste profile and for its history. The name of Ethiopia Guji comes from the homonymous breed of the region and is produced by small-scale farmers with a limited number of coffee trees. Imagine our enthusiasm for its sophisticated aromas and unique flavor profile that highlights Pineapple, Black Chocolate and Mint! All this is due to the taste of the small farmers, the dry method of processing the coffee and of course the artisan roasting of it!

Cupping Notes

Aromas of Pineapple, Dark Chocolate and Mint, smooth and rich body with long, sweet and clean aftertaste.

coffee profile

3 Significant Reasons to Taste Ethiopia Guji…

  1. You are worth of something unique: In your everyday life you enjoy a specific coffee, a specific variety or a blend. Now you are given the opportunity to try something different, a coffee with a unique flavor that will not be repeated. This small change in your habits will make the difference.
  2. You are worth of something different: You belong to the group of people who like new (tasty) experiences and adventures. You may have already chosen to enjoy every 100% Specialty Arabica coffee of MICROFARM PROJECT®. If not now it’s your chance. Taste it before it’s too late. Challenge accepted?
  3. You are worth of something limited: This coffee will not be repeated and you will not have the chance to taste it again. Ethiopia Guji coffee will be available in Coffee Island coffee shops for 2 months until the supplies end. So … there will be only a few lucky ones!

microfarm project ethiopia guji

Tip: For maximum enjoyment, Ethiopia Guji also comes in a 200g package. We can grind the coffee for you unless you are the absolute Home Barista. The choice is yours!


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