Another rare flavour that tells its own story from a distant corner of the world!

They say numbers are infinite. But in reality, it depends on what you are measuring and on what you are measuring means. We, counting the Microfarm Project® coffee varieties, have just reached number 29 and we stop for a moment to enjoy another tasty discovery: the
newly-arrived Congo Kalehe has joined the collection of 100% Specialty Arabica from farms around the world.
The world. Another infinite concept. At Coffee Island, as true coffee explorers, we reach the most remote parts of the world to discover small farms grown by local farmers and bring to our Coffee House and Espresso Bar rare coffees with a taste that will never be found again. Isn’t that number precious?

Collecting coffee

The 29th Microfarm Project® comes from the Mpumpi region of Congo. There, at an altitude of 1832 meters, cultivation of coffee trees is favoured by the alternating temperatures which range between 25°C during the day and 14°C during the night, which means that the beans
ripen slowly, just as they should, to yield all their wonderful characteristics. The whole process of drying the beans is just as relaxed, without a hint of pressure, and beans end up in cups that score 84 to 88 – and we love those numbers too!

When you are a true coffee lover you do not only enjoy the flavour and flavour profile of each specialty variety, but you are also enchanted by the story behind each coffee variety because through them you get to discover a part of the world you didn’t know.

Collecting coffee

The villages of Mpumpi, Kahanga, Luhu and Luzibira Changezi are the ones involved in the production of coffee and this way, the inhabitants can live a better life. In this case, better life does not mean owning a more expensive car, but rather having access to medicines and essential medical equipment. It is the creation of a community that grows coffee and manages to export it that secures the future of the children in this region of Congo, while at the same time offering us all limited-edition coffee with rare characteristics.

View of mountains

The Nyiragongo volcano, one of the highest mountains in Goma, contributes in its own way, as the volcanic soil is extremely fertile, so much so that no chemical fertilizer needs to be added. All that is needed is the quality of the land, the altitude, the ideal tropical temperatures and the local farmers’ love for their land. These together give us the amazing flavour profile of Congo Kalehe with notes of orange, golden raisins and hazelnut paste. How can we not feel proud of our 29th Microfarm Project®? And how can we not share its rare taste with all those who seek a premium treat that brings a twist which makes a difference to everyday life.

Coffee Island coffee prepaired

Congo Kalehe arrives at Coffee Island and undergoes a medium dark roast- our artisanal roasters know very well how to bring out such a special blend – to provide aromatic espresso or a special filter coffee. You chose your preferred beverage, iced or hot, and you enjoy another coffee experience we brought from the other side of the world just for you. Congo Kalehe will also become a favourite of home baristas, since with the 200g pack available in the Coffee Island Coffee Shop, you can take home the precious beans and feel the joy of preparing a unique coffee.

Barista serves coffee

The 29th Microfarm Project® gives us another story to share with you, travelling through its taste to a distant corner of the world. Explorers, connoisseurs and coffee lovers meet over a cup of Congo Kalehe coffee!

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