We have created an absolutely innovative taste that will change your daily habits. Do you
want to have a coffee? Have a beer!

There are times when you don’t know exactly what you want to drink. Those warm afternoons after work when you look forward to meeting the crew but you are not sure whether you look for another coffee or something else. A beer maybe? It could be, but what beer? We compiled all the craving for these afternoon meet-ups, put a lot of research into what beverage could accompany them, spent endless time experimenting and studying, and came up with the ultimate, innovative, refreshing, absolutely perfect Coffee Cold Brew Beer!

Yes, yes, coffee and beer coexist harmoniously not only in name but also in taste, as our new discovery combines Greek roasted, "black" barley and oat malt, exotic aromatic hops, and Arabica specialty coffee blend of Obata Brazil and Castillo Colombia single varietals. Too good to be true? Wait until you taste it.

Coffee Island CEO with Nissos CEO holding the new beer

To achieve the unique Coffee Cold Brew Beer experience we worked together with the right people who share our vision. Nissos microbrewery, in the island of Tinos, is a Greek company and participates with Coffee Island under the logo “ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ” (Hella – Dika mas). The common love we share for quality and innovation – always serving business and Greek productive culture with respect – led to a spontaneous decision. The rest is the result of an excellent collaboration, and behind it there are people who like to create and stand alongside their products. Coffee Island and Nissos Brewery shared all this creative spirit to jointly use the idea of combining iced coffee, which is a national drink, and beer, which is part of the daily ritual of Greek people. So, for the first time, the two popular drinks coexist by combining two favourite tastes.

An aromatic iced coffee made from single origin beans roasted medium dark at Coffee Island’s artisanal roastery, along with a very special porter style black beer. This is the Coffee
Cold Brew Beer that brings out coffee, chocolate and dark fruits flavour. The rich body, intense natural sweetness, low acidity, natural carbonation, and rich head of our new coffee beer will impress you from the first sip. Then, the limited amount of caffeine and the low alcoholic strength (5%) will convince you that you have found the drink you were looking for to refresh your summer moments, when you go out or when you are at home.

Persond drinks the new beer

Because Coffee Cold Brew Beer is offered in a 330ml bottle, you can enjoy it just the way you want. Either at the Espresso Bar of your nearest Coffee Island, on the go – get ready to launch this new image – but also with delivery to your place via My Coffee Island App+Web. There is nothing that can keep you away from this new delightful habit.

Customer smiling buy a beer from coffee island store

Coffee Island and Nissos Beer, two internationally award-winning Greek companies with headquarters and production facilities in Greece, are pioneers in creating a completely new beverage. That in itself says something. It means that these partnerships are the ones that pave the way for new experiences. And Coffee Cold Brew Beer is the new coffee experience that replies to the question “what can I drink now?” but more importantly it fulfils the quest for that different treat that makes daily life more interesting, with more flavor and definitely
more freshness. And you? Haven’t you tried it yet?