Coffee Island is travelling to Hungary for the Allegra European Symposium. Our presence there is not solely focused on attendance, but we are also a nominee for the Allegra European “Best Coffee Chain in Southern Europe” Coffee Award!

The Allegra European Coffee Symposium Institution, has been a key event for the last 9 years, for companies and employees working in the food industry. It offers great opportunities for acquiring new information and for the creation of new deals and strategic movements with international aspirations.

540x360Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, CEO of Coffee Island

This year, the Allegra European Coffee Symposium will open its gates from the 21st to the 23d of November in Budapest and Coffee Island’s CEO, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos will be one of the speakers.

Everyone at Coffee Island is extremely proud of the nomination and we are looking forward to sharing the results with all of you, who share the same passion for Coffee as us!