Single Estate Peru Santa Teresa tells a story through its unique taste.

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From the province of Cusco to our Single Estate collection

As authentic pursuers of new and unprecedented experiences, we enjoy unearthing little secrets that excite the imagination and make everyday life more interesting. In each trip we get a new specialty coffee entrusted to us by small producers around the world and this coffee completes the puzzle of our unique flavours with a special tasty twist. Peru Santa Teresa coffee comes from the province of Cusco, southeastern Peru, and has been added to our Single Estate coffee varieties that you must absolutely try.

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Εxpertise and sustainable organic production practices

In this remote place and at an altitude of up to 2000m, a group of small farmers work together on the coffee plantations, consistently following sustainability values. Their priority being the production of quality beans with particular flavour and aromatic qualities, they are constantly improving their processes without damaging the natural landscape. After all, the flavour profile of Santa Teresa is shaped first and foremost by the local soil and the ideal environmental conditions. 

The farmers of the Cusco region respect the laws of nature and constantly develop their expertise with the use of sustainable organic production practices, while complying with Fair Trade standards. They carefully collect the coffee plant seeds, process them meticulously in the central mill and apply a strict quality control system to keep only the best seeds. By combining personal care and natural processing, they produce a variety of 100% Specialty Arabica that has gained international recognition and not without reason.

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From the first time you try Peru Santa Teresa you realize this is a special coffee that will immediately become part of your everyday life. High quality beans, wet processing and of course the masterful medium-dark roasting by Coffee Island’s artisanal roasters work together to create this unique taste discovery. The aromatic profile of cedar, nuts and chocolate, the rich body and long aftertaste of our new Specialty Coffee is another twist on your daily habits.

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For a hot latte or a strong freddo espresso

Whether you enjoy your favorite drink from the Espresso Bar, or seek the joy that a coffee maker experiences, this coffee is perfect for a hot latte or a strong freddo espresso. You can find Peru Santa Teresa coffee on My Coffee Island APP+WEB and in all Coffee Island shops where you can enjoy it right away, or you can ask our experienced baristas to grind a 200gr package coffee beans for you depending on the coffee you want to make at home. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your coffee, if you close your eyes, you will hear its story. A story where sustainability is combined with unmistakable taste and non-negotiable quality.