Coffee is not just a beverage. It has a story of its own to tell and some of them are like a fairy tale, except that the protagonists are real people and the plot unfolds in remote places usually featured in movies or documentaries.

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Maybe that’s why you enjoy so much trying Coffee Island’s Single Estate. Because each one takes you on a journey with its taste, to where it all starts with the cultivation of trees by small producers in countries where coffee is a whole tradition, part of their culture. After discovering Brazil Alta Mogiana and Peru Santa Teresa, it’s Ethiopia Guji’s turn at your neighborhood Coffee Island; when this is your daily stop, you then have a sense of familiarity. Besides, the tightvac packaging now gives you the opportunity to try the Single Estate you want every time. These magical cans airtightly seal the precious beans you choose inside and are reused so that the next coffee lover can find the Single Estate they want to try at the stand.

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While you ask the barista to grind the Ethiopia Guji beans to enjoy in a fragrant espresso – this is the drink that best showcases the unique 100% Specialty Arabica Heirloom variety – this is an opportunity to seek out the story this Single Estate tells. Originating from Ethiopia, one of the most important homelands of coffee, Ethiopia Guji evokes, along with its unique flavor profile, an everyday life that is nothing like ours. In this country where access to clean water is limited, women and children travel miles to carry the drinking supplies they need.

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Coffee Island, therefore, could not limit itself to discovering yet another tasty experience, but aims to contribute in its own way to creating a better world, fair for all and certainly more sustainable. This is why they partnered with the global organization Water To Thrive by offering a water well which will contribute to a more sustainable daily life. A daily life that is not threatened by disease, where women have time for family and work, and above all, where children can go to school without being absent to help transport clean water from distant parts of their region. In this world people have access to basic goods and receive the help they need to improve their living conditions.


This is the story of Ethiopia Guji grown in the Oromia zone, on several small farms with rich volcanic soil and at an altitude of about 2,000m above sea level. Oromia is named after the Oromo, Ethiopia’s largest tribe, who have always had agriculture and livestock farming as their main occupation. Thanks to their deep knowledge of coffee cultivation and processing, they are able to control and understand the quality of the beans from the moment they are harvested until they reach the consumer. At the same time, the fertile soil and dense vegetation of the region offer the highest quality coffees in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia Guji with its unique flavour profile of strawberry, lime and caramel (ideal for espresso or iced filter coffee) offers another experience that makes the daily habit a constant discovery. This discovery takes you to a distant corner of the planet and asks you to consider how we can all be part of the solution to global problems such as poverty or water scarcity.

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Another specialty offering added to Coffee Island’s Single Estate family that tells its story. A story that becomes a vision for all of us: creating a better world.