Nitro Cold Brew is a revolutionary, refreshing drink that has come to stay and change our drinking habits! Imagine a cold extraction coffee that preserves all the sweet characteristics of the roasting variety, giving a sweet drink without any added sugar, chocolate, caramel tasty notes and fruity aftertaste.

Adding Nitro to the drink to get the dense and velvety cream in combination with the unique Draught serving that impresses, we end up in the 1st iced draught coffee in the Greek market.

Take a look while we serve it.. it really rocks! Impressive serving your coffee in the special Nitro Cold Brew glass through drain (draught)!


Do you know how we brew it?

The coffee is extracted with water for about 16 hours. After extraction, autoclaves are stored, where nitrogen is added under pressure. And the result is a #uniquecoffee! The nitrogen dissolves very slowly into the beverage giving a soft and smooth texture, with creamy sensation. It is a sweet drink, but meanwhile you can see the intense flavors of chocolate, caramel and fruit from the very first sip!

Find on the map where to find Nitro Cold Brew:

Enjoy it!