It’s Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas… What do we think and what do we feel when we listen to that word? Colors, lights, aromas, Christmas food, New Year’s pie – melomakarona, honey flavored desserts – kourabiedes, sugared buns, more time with friends and family, maybe a trip, the last day at the office working till very late but then  definitely having some days off. If we think this through, all these little things make us joyful and we smile as if we were careless young children.

Cinnamon filtered coffee from Coffee Island

If not all of us, but for sure most of us, wait to see the first Christmas lights around the city, the first Christmas ornaments in the shops and finally something to help us feel Christmas-y and escape from our daily routine. Even the aroma from a cup of Cinnamon filtered coffee from Coffee Island, which I pleasantly enjoy in my office right now… Well, I have to say it… it feels a lot like Christmas!!

it feels a lot like Christmas

George (Supervisor in RnD) has just brought me a fantastic beverage and he insists that I should taste it, he claims that it reminds of Christmas and melomakarona and New Year’s pie. And then comes Stelios (he works with George in the RnD department) with a 2nd beverage, which has an extra topping of whip cream and cinnamon. Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I tasted it.

It’s like hot chocolate with cinnamon-nutmeg

It is amazing, I am speechless! The only thing I could tell… It’s like hot chocolate with cinnamon-nutmeg and it has an extraordinary aroma. The whole floor smells like Christmas and the people working next to me, got jealous and grabbed the 2nd cup with the whip cream topping. Okay, I’ll try to think about how to describe the “burst” of flavors and aromas I enjoyed… but words couldn’t describe! You just have to taste it yourself! At least once. Keep in mind that it’s the Christmas beverage of Coffee Island for 2017, which means that we can savor it for a specific period of time, from 17/11/2017 till 7/1/2018.

Happy Holidays with health, joy and whole lot of love!

Coffee Island. Unique Coffee for unique people\

Enjoy It Now!