October… an unforgettable month!

World Days commemorating International Events are now part of our lives. We may not even know about some World Days, but our awareness is growing. October has many important days, such as World Animal Day on the 4th and World Mental Health Day on the 10th. October has a color and it’s pink, because October is dedicated to the prevention and awareness of breast cancer. October, however, is also the month that can make us smile, in fact, the first Friday in October is dedicated to the smile. Then there’s also Halloween… the scariest day of the year! For us at Coffee Island though, a true horror would be an October without our absolute favorite World Day: International Coffee Day!

Coffee Island at Athens Coffee Festival in 2019.

The party before…

Before International Coffee Day arrives, the annual Greek celebration of coffee, the Athens Coffee Festival usually takes place. This year, the Athens Coffee Festival was canceled due to unprecedented world events. We do anticipate, however, that next year’s festival will provide coffee lovers with opportunities to get together. We are looking forward to the chance to relive moments full of coffee, exchange coffee tips, have fun and, as usual, take some souvenir Polaroid photos. You may start feeling nostalgic as you recall the fun at last year’s Athens Coffee Festival.

Offer by Coffee Island for International Coffee Day 2020.

International Coffee Day the Coffee Island Way

It has now become a tradition, that at the conclusion of the Athens Coffee Festival, the baton is passed to the International Coffee Day, which quickly follows suit on the 1st of October. International Coffee Day has come to mean coffee in all its many meanings, from waking up our day to adding spark to our daily moments. Coffee will always be close at hand whether you find yourself on the bus, metro or in your car. Whether you are enjoying the comfort of your sofa or your office workspace, coffee will be there to enhance your day.

Offer by Coffee Island for International Coffee Day 2020.

This day is special for all of us, because coffee has a unique place in all our lives. We welcomed International Coffee Day, with a big smile and with respect for everyone from the local producer to your Coffee Island barista, who are dedicated to creating the perfect cup of coffee. Special Offers were also an important part of this annual celebration, as a “thank you” for entrusting us with your coffee. If you were among those who purchased products from our coffee grindery, you enjoyed the opportunity to savor Ethiopia Adola coffee, a precious variety belonging to our “Ethiopia Motherland” Microfarm collection at a 20% discount. Ethiopia Motherland’s launch began with the Ethiopia Damo variety, which was the beginning of the tour to Ethiopia’s flavors throughout the year, when 4 different artisan roasted coffees from Ethiopia, made special appearances in all our shops.

Ethiopian man serving coffee.

The four stops on the tour of taste

Travelling has now become quite limited by restrictions. Nevertheless, last year provided us with a flavorful tour. After all, the artisan roasted coffees from our Microfarm project can transport you to Ethiopia, with just one sip. Of course, these are no ordinary coffees; we are referring to the Damo, Kutigenge, Limu and Adola varieties, which are all 100% Arabica. The names are the actual places where our Coffee Island team made stops on their Ethiopian tour. This tour has forever expanded our taste horizons, as well as our wealth of coffee knowledge. Every single one of these four coffees has its own particular story which we are compelled to share with you and all of our coffee fans.

Coffee Island's Ethiopia Damo.

First stop: Damo

This tour of taste started on last year’s International Coffee Day, when you had the chance to taste Ethiopia Damo for the first time. Cultivated in the village of the same name, in the area of Bensa of Sidama, this coffee is 100% Specialty Arabica and has been produced from people who consider coffee farming as a way of life.

Coffee Island's Ethiopia Kutigenge.

Second stop: Kutigenge

The second part of this tour of taste brought you the flavor of Ethiopia Kutigenge, which is a 100% Specialty Arabica Heirloom, with notes of blueberry, apricot and cacao bean. Its name is a tribute to the people who labor daily to farm this variety, in the area Yirgacheffe, Banko Okoto & Dobota.

Coffee Island's Ethiopia Limu.

Next stop: Limu

The 20th coffee of the Microfarm project and the 3rd in the Ethiopia Motherland collection, brought the full taste of the birthplace of coffee to your cup. The coffee beans were carefully picked one by one, a special brew was created, and it demonstrates why Ethiopia continually gains strength in the global coffee market. When the ideal coffee farming conditions meet people who love coffee and respect the environment, the result is world-famous.

Coffee Island's Ethiopia Adola.

Final stop: Adola

The most recent coffee in the Ethiopia Motherland collection will still be available for you to enjoy for a limited time. It’s certainly the most unique of the four coffees, with notes of sour cherry liqueur, melon jam and chocolate syrup. This coffee was the sweet culmination of this tour.

Coffee Island's staff observing coffee beans in Ethiopia.

Don’t forget…

Today, as October waves goodbye, Ethiopia Motherland is getting ready to do the same. However, our chapter on Ethiopia isn’t closed. You can now watch the video of the tour and be inspired to taste our next coffee or even plan your own Ethiopian taste journey. Until then, keep celebrating your love for coffee everyday… with us!