Coffee capsules have experienced a great boom in recent years, mainly because of their great advantages: speed and convenience at the touch of a button. You no longer need to be a trained barista to get a decent beverage, especially in the morning as you rush to get things done before you leave for work. You want to get the coffee you know (that familiar, beautiful smell that takes over the house…), without any hassle.

But coffee capsules are surrounded by controversy. Some may advocate that quality is compromised or that the art and passion of coffee is lost if you don’t give it all the TLC a good cup deserves.

Could a capsule produce the sophisticated aromas, sweetness and long aftertaste of your favourite coffee?

The short answer is YES. Of course it could. Here is how: Coffee Island has pioneered and brought out the first specialty capsules, compatible with any Nespresso machine. There are 5 choices to suit your palate:

  • Espresso Coffee Island (Bergamot, Chocolate, nuts, fruity aftertaste)
  • Colombia Huila (Red fruits, spices, chocolate, caramel aftertaste)
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Black tea, lemon, honey, lime aftertaste)
  • DECAF Espresso (Bergamot, chocolate, nuts, fruity aftertaste)
  • Espresso Extra (Flowers, chocolate, buts, herbs, long aftertaste)


Coffee Island Espresso Capsules

So, here are the 6 reasons why you should choose Coffee Island capsules: 

REASON #1: Coffee!
The coffee is  specialty grade – i.e., excellent in quality and carefully roasted, ideal for use in capsules. Whether you go for single origins, blends or even decaf, the coffee quality is high and the flavour is unique.

REASON #2: Taste!
Each capsule is carefully filled with fresh coffee, tailored grind to the requirements of each variety or blend, to ensure optimal extraction and flavour.

REASON #3: Flow!
The design technology in Coffee Island capsules allow a smooth, continuous and uniform water flow, making sure the water goes through the whole coffee and that there are no water concentration points and no overextraction.

REASON #4: Material!
Made of material that does not allow oxygen to get in, they retain the aroma and flavours, resulting in a longer life.

REASON #5: Compatibility!
Coffee Island capsules are designed to be compatible with all types of Nespresso machines, so that the capsules will smoothly fit into any sockets with no loss of water or coffee.

REASON #6: Result!
The result is just perfect. The first coffee of the day can now be your favourite…

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