Because you all loved the 1st blog — “10 things you did not know about coffee”, we now bring you 10 more, so that you can officially call yourself a coffee- geek —always learning everything about your favorite daily habit.


1. The goats and the magic beans 

Legend has it that coffee was discovered after observing a herd of goats in Ethiopia. A shepherd, after noticing his goats behaving strangely and very energetically, found they had been eating coffee beans. Thus, he realized the effect of consuming caffeine.

Coffee Island's cappuccino.

2. Cappuccino’s yearly celebration!

Yes, you heard correctly —World Cappuccino Day is celebrated on November 8! One of our favorite coffee stories is about how cappuccino got its name, which in Italian means “little hood”. It was a nickname given to a group of Franciscan monks who wore white hoods, reminiscent of cappuccino’s foam.

Woman holding two Coffee Island coffees.

3. It’s 11 o’clock. Time for an espresso! 

Coffee is directly linked to the secretion of cortisol in our body, which is at higher levels at around 10-11 in the morning. That hour is considered the most ideal moment for a coffee break. The Espresso Breakfast is based on science!

17th century paintiing

4. The coffee revolution

The first coffee cafes cropped up in the 17th century. Cafes attracted activists and intellectuals who debated over coffee. In 1675, the King of England banned coffee shops as he feared that a revolution would be organized in them, as happened with the French Revolution, which began in a café.


5. Many Happy Returns…

 A coffee plant can live up to 200 years—-that’s a fact that brings a lot of joy to coffee-lovers everywhere.


6. Strange varieties

Two of the strangest and most expensive varieties of coffee come from… the feces of elephants and an Asian cat. These animals are fed with coffee beans and after processing by their digestive systems a bean with wonderful aromas is produced. Would you brave enough to try them?


7. Do it like the coffee connoisseurs 

Coffee connoisseurs swallow each sip loudly, making a whistling sound. In this way, they activate every part of their mouth, so that they can fully taste the coffee and awaken all its aromas.


8. Does this remind you of a wine-tasting?

 Coffee has more flavor characteristics than wine. To be precise, in the many coffee varieties you can find around 1500 flavor characteristics, while in wine only 200.

Coffee Island's espresso coffee.

9. Enjoy it fast! 

The taste of coffee is said to fade, as time passes, by up to 70%. We trust the coffee snobs, and we know that they drink their espresso in the Italian style. Maybe the taste of your freddo will diminish a little after an hour, but no worries. If you like to enjoy your coffee slowly, that too can be a pleasurable experience.


10. Dedicated to the one I love—Coffee!

In 1735, Johann Sebastian Bach, expressed his love for the simple, coffee bean by composing the Coffee Cantata. Give it a listen!


Don’t forget… 

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