Try the new Protein Shakes by Coffee Island and enjoy their nutritional qualities.

If you are even slightly involved in healthy eating, so much so that various articles are showing on your internet pages, you will have noticed that in every research – scientific or lifestyle content- the word “protein” is quite prominent. And this is not just a word, since it is the highly structural unit of every organism. Imagine you want to build a building. Can you do it without using bricks? Well, that’s how it goes with the human body and more so in its healthiest version. It is the proteins that will help to grow new tissues and repair existing ones, thanks to the nitrogen they contain (No, carbohydrates and fats, as much as you’d like to, just won’t do the job…)

As a source of the nine amino acids that are absolutely essential to us, proteins play a primary role in every biological function of our body, while at the same time acting as biological catalysts in the form of enzymes in our body’s chemical reactions. They carry gases to the blood in the form of haemoglobin, act as antibodies protecting our health and in the form of collagen – the main protein of connective tissue – they play an important structural role (see the bricks example again.) Do you need more scientific evidence on their importance? They allow muscle contraction and can provide the body with 4 kcal per gram.

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All this may sound like a scenario from the animated series “Once upon a time… Man” (early 90s!) but in reality, those are exactly the reasons why we need to consume enough amounts of protein on a daily basis. And although many foods are sources of protein, they are usually not enough, since the body metabolizes them by breaking down proteins into amino acids. These amino acids, through a process known as protein synthesis, combine to form new proteins, useful for keeping tissues in our bodies healthy.

Precisely because neither proteins nor their constituent amino acids can be stored in the body in quantities, we need to consume them daily in order to meet our body’s needs. And here there is no distinction between animal proteins – such as egg, milk, meat – and vegetable proteins. The only thing that matters is the individual needs of each of us, based on our gender, age, weight and physical activity levels.

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Easy, huh? But the modern lifestyle and hectic pace of life hardly leaves room to find the necessary time for quality food, rich in protein, to meet your daily needs. In fact, if your daily routine includes physical fatigue, gruelling hours and pressure (is anyone exempt?), then it seems impossible to bother creating protein-rich meals and not succumb to carbohydrate and fat-based snacks to suppress your appetite.

Protein drinks are the simplest and most valuable solution, as they allow you to enjoy a low-calorie, low-fat meal replacement with a high amount of protein at any time and without effort. Make no mistake, this is not the case with any of the other quick options that usually contain a lot of calories, fat, sugars and, generally, less protein.

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Perhaps the best choice of protein drinks is without doubt those containing whey protein. It is considered a complete source of protein (remember the nine amino acids? You’ll find them all here in significant quantities), and its absorption time by the body is faster than the alternatives. Whey is produced when milk is processed – the milk contains 80% casein and 20% serum – to make yoghurt and cheese. Interestingly, it used to be discarded until its nutritional value and great usefulness was recognized. With certain processing methods, the liquid whey is converted into powder and then into a food supplement.

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Coffee Island’s new protein drinks have come to meet the demands of modern dietary needs, offering a delicious and extremely healthy choice for every moment of the day. Delicious, healthy, refreshing and packed with protein, the new Protein Shakes, containing more than 20g of protein, reduce hunger and appetite, contribute to building muscle mass and help burn fat! You can choose the flavor you prefer, cookie or chocolate, and enjoy the beneficial properties of protein effortlessly.

Protein Shakes come in three different options.  Coffee Power Shake for coffee lovers who want the extra boost and energy of their favorite espresso. A special and harmonious marriage of coffee with chocolate or cookie flavors. Milk Power Shake, offering you even more protein with milk of animal or vegetable origin. You can choose between whole milk, lactose-free or even plant-based almond, coconut or soy milk. It is full of flavour and contains even more protein. Power Shake with minimal calories, sugars and fat and amazing water-based taste for anyone looking for a light guilt-free treat.

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In Coffee Island’s protein drinks, the origin of the protein is naturally whey protein and even the best combination of WPC and WPI whey protein. This means high purity and protein content, a fuller and more pleasant taste compared to a pure WPI protein and a lower lactose content compared to a WPC protein. What more can you ask for in a meal replacement? Suitable for vegetarians, it is the ideal choice for before or after the gym, or for boosting immunity, increasing strength and weight loss, and for a balanced daily diet.

At Coffee Island we know you want to be healthy, strong and have the stamina of a champion! That’s why we follow the latest nutritional trends and offer you the most delicious and nutritious products with our new Protein Shakes! Try these fantastic flavours and experience a healthy lifestyle.