The magical journey of Coffee Island begins in farms from the far corners if the earth that we have selected after careful research so that we can bring you the best quality of coffee.

The importance we give to direct trade, and on the immediate availability of raw coffee from specific farms if Coffee Island producers, has led us to hire a specific amount of land in Brazil that is solely supplying Coffee Island!

The goal of the Exclusive Area Coffee Island is a long term relationship that creates mutual benefits based on respect between Coffee Island and the producers and cooperatives in the coffee producing countries.

We ensure that the gathering and processing methods are done correctly, while focusing on the science of coffee, trading secrets and know how. We can offer you the most unique, quality coffee that preserves all the characteristics of its origin.

Exclusive Area BrazilAlta Mogiana

Exclusive Area Brazil involves the exclusive cooperation with the Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm of the Alta Mogiana area in Brazil.

The particular are is famed for its coffee production and has been through the hands of multiple coffee “barons” from the beginning of the 20th century. Farming development has led to the “coffee railway” and the arrival of the Mogiana Railway company in1883 and since then Alta Mogiana has become the largest coffee producer in the world.


This area is the traditional producer of the best Sao Paolo coffee due to its altitude, climate and experience in producing quality coffee. Known globally for its exceptional quality produce, it produces Arabica coffee of excellent body and balanced acidity with natural sweetness and caramel aromas.


Coffee characteristics are dependent on the environment where it is produced so it would be interesting to know what these are. The area is located on a mountain field whose altitude ranges between 800 and 1200 meters, has an average annual temperature of 19.5 degrees, rainfall of 1700mm/ year especially in summer and alternating periods of dryness in winter.

Alta Mogiana has an extensive mid-range produce. The devotion of coffee farmers and the practices that are applied in coffee farms in the area that allows Alta Mogiana to be exported to different countries all over the world.

We would like to launch our new exclusive area of Coffee island! Straight from Brazil to the coffee roaster and from there straight to our cups!