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Hot Brewing Daily

Hot Brewing Daily
Enjoy our blends or singe origin coffees with simple or V60 brewing method
Brew Of The Day Regular 12oz
Brew Of The Day Large 16oz
Filter Flavored Regular 12oz
Filter Flavored Large 16oz
Filter V60 Regular 12oz
Filter V60 Large 16oz


All Day Blend

100% Arabica

Cocoa, nuts, fruits, high sweetness, medium acidity, full body, sweet and floral aftertaste, balanced cup of coffee.


90% Arabica – 10% Robυsta

Dark chocolate, nuts, medium sweetness, low acidity, coffee bitterness, good body, bittersweet aftertaste.


90% Arabica – 10% Robυsta

Dark chocolate, nuts and citrus, natural sweetness, medium acidity, good body, sweet aftertaste, light cup of coffee.

Extra Blend

80% Arabica – 20% Robυsta

Dark chocolate, herbs, medium sweetness, low acidity, full body, bittersweet aftertaste.

Classic Blend

100% Arabica

Cocoa, nuts, citrus, high sweetness, medium-high acidity, full body, sweet and floral aftertaste.


Kenya Kainamoui

SL28 & SL34

Πrune and black tea aroma, grapefruit and sweet kola taste with buttery body and clean, lasting aftertaste.

Nicaragua Dipilto

Caturra, Catuai

Aromas of coffee flowers, raspberry and cacao, flavours of caramel, cacao and notes of citrus, with a rich, full body and an aftertaste of fruit and praline.

Ethiopia Kochere


Αromas of black tea, lemon and honey, high sweetness, intense citrus acidity, full body and a sweet long-lasting lime aftertaste.

Colombia Huila

Tabi, Catυrra

Aroma of berries, molasses and spices, pleasant sweet acidity, rich silky body with long soft chocolate and caramel aftertaste.

El Salvador El Condor


Soft aroma of praline and red fruits, mild pleasant citric acidity, rich buttery body and long delicate aftertaste of caramelized fruits and vanilla.


Filter DeCo2ffee

99.9% Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process.

100% Arabica

Aroma of chocolate and Nuts, low acidity, good sweetness and body, sweet aftertaste with notes of nuts.